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Russia's Putin Compares Bush to Hitler

Here's an item I missed last week -- Russian President Vladimir Putin comparing Bush to Hitler:

Putin's statement at a Victory Day parade on Red Square on Wednesday was artfully phrased to be both blunt and vague -- but political observers have little doubt he was criticizing the United States for "disrespect for human life, claims to global exclusiveness and dictate, just as it was in the time of the Third Reich."

While Putin didn't name any particular country in the speech marking the 1945 defeat of Nazi Germany, the remarks echoed his increasingly strong criticism of the perceived U.S. domination in global affairs.

Secretary Rice is on the front page today attempting to assure Americans that we are not back in a cold war again. My guess is that Hitler's minions would have done the same thing, but we're judged by what we do -- not what we say -- and the actions of this administration are clearly raising tensions worldwide.

Political analysts close to the Kremlin say that Putin referred to the United States in his remarks, expressing Russia's dismay at what it views as U.S. unilateralism in world affairs and disrespect for other countries' interests.

"Hitler was striving for global domination, and the United States is striving for global domination now," Sergei Markov, the Kremlin-connected head of the Moscow-based Institute for Political Research told The Associated Press. "Hitler thought he was above the League of Nations, and the United States thinks it is above the United Nations. Their action is similar."

Bush's unrelenting failures in foreign policy, and continued blind adherence to his failed doctrine originally promulgated by the Project for the New American Century a decade ago, is systematically moving the United States back into an era of increased tensions worldwide - and a classic cold war.

What President Reagan wrought in the way of world peace two decades ago George Bush has rent asunder. The wall in Baghdad, reminiscent of the Berlin Wall, another painful example.

In a state of the nation address last month, Putin called for a Russian moratorium on observance of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, which limits the number of aircraft, tanks and other non-nuclear heavy weapons around the continent, saying that NATO members' refusal to ratify an amended version of the pact hurt Russia's security interests.

Putin also threatened to pull out of the treaty altogether unless talks with NATO members yielded satisfactory results, and some Russian generals warned that Moscow could also opt out of a Cold War-era treaty with the United States banning intermediate-range missiles.

Russia's military chief of staff has also said Russia could target elements of the missile defense system if it is deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic.

"Targeting" has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it? And while you'll hear the current flock of Republican Presidential candidates loudly attempting to distance themselves from Bush's specific strategy failures in Iraq, I don't recall a single one speaking up against the doctrine that brought us to this point.

The Republican candidates are trying to convince us that they aren't like Bush, and they wouldn't have made the mistake he's made in the past -- but so far they've failed to articulate a difference where it matters the most; how they would handle diplomatic matters differently going forward.

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Comments (8)


"I don't recall a single one speaking up against the doctrine that brought us to this point."

Ron Paul (R-TX) voted No on the PATRIOT Act, No for the Iraq AuthorizationBill, has decried the neocon/Bush doctrines and policies at antiwar.com and other places. And if Bush is ever impeached, he will vote Yes.
The guy's got it all. Securing the border, hands-off the internet, killing the IRS, ETC.

Paul Hamilton:

I guess ol' Vlad never heard of Internet Rule #1... :)

Steve Crickmore:

Larkin, Condi is trying to uncomplicate the world for Bush and she has found a subject she is finally comfortable with: "As somebody who came out of that period, as a specialist in it..Russia is not the Soviet Union, and so this is not a US-Soviet relationship, this is a US-Russian relationship"..This plus what Bush learned at the G8 summit "Eight hours to fly home! Russia's a big country and you're (China) a big country." So Bush knows that Russia is big country, and now that it isn't the Soviet Union, (since he doesn't remember much of what he was doing during the cold war period). I feel reassured already?

Paul, Internet rule "1?


First, I think it hot air and bluster to accuse the United States of attempted "World Domination" (*cue ominous music and appropriate red under-lighting of Bush's face as he wrings his hands and glee and laughs maniacally*) Every country acts in it's own best interest, get busy demonizing them as well.

Comparing us to Nazi Germany is just a shallow and unfounded insult. Israel get's her fair share of the same. Look carefully at who says these things, scrutinize them and think about it rather than trying to dogpile Bush because it's easy.

Did you start studying pictures of our President, looking closely for horns after Hugo Chavez called him the devil? This slur, to me, is in the same class as the Nazi accusation.

I have a feeling when Bush is out of office, Wizbang Blue is going to have about one new post a week.

Paul Hamilton:

Steve: Internet Rule #1 is, "the first person to mention Hitler in any political debate automatically loses."

Paul Hamilton:

Heralder: I have no expectations for anything positive at all from Bush, so writing about him is pointless. But if we have a Dem president and a Dem congress, I'll bring up every idea I can think of and expect them to actually DO something about it.

So I'll have plenty to post, believe me.



LOL, I didn't know of that rule but that's pretty funny.

My last comment about the posting was more negative sarcasm than an actual belief. I just get frustrated sometimes.

Steve Crickmore:

Heralder you have my sympathy..But wasn't Bush who looked into Putin's eyes and said he saw his soul. Colin Powell quipped "I looked into Putin's eyes and saw the KGB." I prefer Colin Powell's sarcasm to Bush's actual belief.


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