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The Fox News Hatchet Job on Barack Obama

It's outrageous to see the hatchet job that Fox News has been doing on Barack Obama. Smearing a man's name that he was given at birth is a particularly despicable and cowardly line of attack. Yet Fox has been doing it because they've been instructed to do whatever they can to drive up Obama's negatives. Watch the video and then tell me whether you think Obama is getting a fair shake from America's "fair and balanced" cable news channel.

Click on the "play" button in the bottom left-hand corner to play the video.

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Comments (3)

U.P. Man:

Larkin does hatchet job on Fox News.

Can't come up with anything new? Should we bring up "fake but accurate" and is it still relevant ?

The commercial takes a 1 news cycle mistake by Fox and turns it into a montage. How is it fair and balanced?

Smoking, don't care, why did Senator Obama?


"Larkin does hatchet job on Fox News" UP man

Hey, UP, what sort of asshole are you? Larkin's piece amply displays exactly how Fox Noise is the bullhorn on the shit-encrusted sphincter of the Republican Party.

Thanks Larkin for the video. It makes it abundantly clear what Fox is; a propaganda machine for Republicans.

U.P. Man:


Good way to start a dialog.

1) I should not have given Larkin credit for recycling a hit piece.
2) It is recycled.
3)How is this piece any different than what is claimed Fox News does?
4) Did not Fox own up to only source the "Insight " piece ?
5) Is Rush Limbaugh involved with Fox ?
If not, is this part of the VRWC ?
6) Smoking do you care ? Only part that I care about is Obama working on bills to prevent smoking? (Then I would call him a hypocrite but still it is his choice.)
7) Why is he trying to hide he is a smoker?
8)Does Fake but Accurate still count against CBS?
If not why not?


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