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The Long Goodbye

Last Thursday marked the official resignation announcement by Tony Blair, Labour Prime Minister of Great Britain, that after 10 years and two months in power he will step down on June 27, effectively to make way for his heir apparent and longtime rival Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Blair wanted to hang on for a year or two longer and leave on his own his terms, but was thwarted by the swelling anti-war rank and file Labour MPs. Labour has fallen behind the Conservatives in the polls for some time, due to the public's dissatisfaction with the war and "yo Blair's" close relationship with Bush (or 'Bush's poodle' his critics would say and did repeatedly).

In a recent poll taken by 'The Independent' 69%, or seven out of 10, believe that Iraq will prove to be Tony Blair's' most enduring legacy. How would you like to remembered for what might endure in Iraq? I'm sure you'd rather be forgotten.

Can Bush's prospects be any better? CNN in a mistaken headline, probably in wish fulfillment, had first announced Bush had resigned when Blair first made his announcement. Unfortunately we are probably in for a lame duck presidency or a long goodbye, one in which Blair -- and soon Bush -- will join a list of long list public figures who don't know when to bow out.

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