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Wizbang Blue Photo Caption Contest - 5/13/07

Caption this! (Since we've only received 17 so far entries the deadline for submitting captions has been extended to Tuesday evening.)


Winners will be announced Monday night.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (19)

Jeff Blogworthy:

One more slip-up and we're going to slit your throat in the middle of the night and secretly replace you with that guy from "The Shield."

Paul Hamilton:

Not an official entry but...

"Hey, I hear an echo...echo...echo..."


Hey, I can see through to the other side! I guess that explains a lot.


Go ahead, pull my finger... I dare you!

Peter F.:

Go ahead....come onnnnn, smell it....


You got us into this mess, find a way to make it go away!


No pudding for you, young man!


Hey, isn't that the tie I left at your place last night?


Stop it with that shifty eyed look -- we think they're catching on...

If you weren't so busy trying to play Donald Trump none of this would have happened.


Point that microphone away from me, or I'll make your hair look like McCain's.


Fredo, Don Georgio wants you to lay low in Vegas for a while, but don't worry, your loyalty will be rewarded.

Steve Crickmore:

That switch there, that is latest in DOJ lie detector technology. As chief law enforcement officer, we know you would have no objections to demonstrate, to the world, how well it would work, in the fight against organized crime.


"Repeat after me: 'I think that I don't remember'."

Jeff Blogworthy:

Andale, Andale, Ariba, Ariba, eh-hah!


Tisk tisk. Bad Alfredo. Naughty naughty Fredo.


Alfredo? Mr. Gonzales? Hello? Gonzo? Hello? Yoh, Fredo? Hello? Anybody there? Hello?...

A technician frantically works to reboot robo-Gonzales so that he can resume his important task of saying, "I don't recall," five times a minute.

Jeff Blogworthy:

You idiot! Don't you know that only Democrat presidents can fire U.S. attorneys with impunity?


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