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Americans Oppose Attack on Iran by 2 to 1

TPM Cafe item:

A CNN poll finds that Americans oppose military action against Iran by a margin of 63% to 33%.

This might be the one silver lining to the very dark cloud of Iraq. It seems that it's soured this generation of Americans on military misadventures just as Vietnam did for the previous generation.

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Steve Crickmore:

It's too bad it didn't sour Bush and Cheney. When Bush finally got to Vietnam this year, he said the lesson learned from that horrific war was unbelievably "We'll succeed," "unless we quit." I wouldn't put it past him to somehow take that same misconceived lesson from the 'quagmire' in Iraq, 'We'll succeed, unless we quit' before making the fateful decision on attacking Iran, in spite of what the polls say.


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