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DeLay: Bush Needs a GOP Revival

Townhall commentary:

Anyone who remembers the weeks after 9/11 knows that George W. Bush is capable of world-class political and national leadership. His credibility with the American people has slipped over the war's progress, but that doesn't mean the skills and instincts that got him elected in the first place have disappeared. The Democrat takeover in Congress provides the president with an opportunity to recover his standing with the American people and his command over the national agenda.

Oh my. Where to begin...

For starters, our country was in a state of shock after 9-11 and as our president, we all turned to him for leadership. This is just the natural order of things and shouldn't be mistaken for a 90% support of his agenda, which was right about 50% before the attack. But Bush cannot turn back the clock, and he will reap the just desserts of the choices he has made. LBJ did a lot of good things, such as passing the Civil Rights Act, but no one associates him with anything but Vietnam. And no matter what any partisan Republican tries to do, the Bush administration will forever be linked to the attacks on 9-11 and his inept response to them.

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