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Taliban Escalating Attacks Against Pakistani People

The Pakistani people are paying a dear price for their continued efforts to root out and eliminate the Taliban militants hiding in their midsts.

A powerful bomb exploded in a hotel near a historic mosque in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing at least 24 people and injuring dozens more, officials said.

The blast ripped through the Marhabar Hotel in the centre of the city near the Afghan border, partly demolishing the three-storey building and sparking a fire, witnesses said.

Body parts and blood littered the road outside the hotel, they said.

Back in the 1990s Pakistan supported the Taliban, but dropped that support after 9/11, and since that time they've been relentless in thier attempts at driving out the Taliban -- but their people have been paying a price. The suicide bomber in this incident had a note taped to his [severed] leg advising that spies for the United States would meet this same fate.

The Taliban had been virtually eliminated by the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance following "Operation Enduring Freedom" launched in October, 2001, but since mid-2006 the Taliban insurgency has been growing, to the point now where the violence is worsening each month.

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Comments (1)

Paul Hamilton:

Too bad for them they don't have oil like Iraq...

Of course the people of Iraq don't exactly seem happy with us either so maybe they're better off without us.


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