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Tancredo Fears Balkanized America

Iowa Politics.com story:

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., says he is ready to be president in a time when the United States is the "last best hope for Western civilization."

Addressing a crowd of approximately 100 people at a luncheon in Davenport hosted by the Scott County Republican Women Association, Tancredo said he believes the War on Terror is synonymous with a war on radical Islam. Warning that "Europe is becoming Islamified," the congressman stressed the importance of retaining the American way of life.

"We're not just talking about jobs, we're not just talking about health care costs, we're not just talking about the impact on our schools; we're talking about the culture itself," Tancredo said. "Are we becoming a Balkanized nation? I think we are. I think we are becoming a bilingual nation - that is not good."

Tancredo said that after nearly a decade in Congress, he has spent more time talking about immigration than any other issue, and has forced other candidates for the presidency to address the topic.

And yet, a campaign such as this one serves more to divide Americans than to bring them together. For starters, the idea that America should be defined as White Anglo-Saxon Protestant is stupid on the face of it. The indigenous people of America have a lot more in common with the Mexicans than Tancredo's warped vision of Americans. But more importantly, but creating the impression that America is the sole bastion of "Western civilization" -- which he means European civilization -- you weigh every aspect of society by racism.

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Comments (3)

Tancredo is a desperate fathead. He can take his "last best hope for Western civilization" and shove it up his border checkpoint.

Paul Hamilton:

It's interesting that all the other Republican candidates are trying to kill the whole immigration issue with silence. Since Tancredo is a single-issue candidate on that subject, he's pretty much being frozen out.

Steve Crickmore:

What was it Gandhi said when he was asked about what he thought of Western Civilization?
"Not a bad idea".


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