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The Time Has Come to Attack Iran

Commentary Online article:

But Ahmadinejad's ambitions are not confined to the destruction of Israel. He also wishes to dominate the greater Middle East, and thereby to control the oilfields of the region and the flow of oil out of it through the Persian Gulf. If he acquired a nuclear capability, he would not even have to use it in order to put all this within his reach. Intimidation and blackmail by themselves would do the trick.

Nor are Ahmadinejad's ambitions merely regional in scope. He has a larger dream of extending the power and influence of Islam throughout Europe, and this too he hopes to accomplish by playing on the fear that resistance to Iran would lead to a nuclear war. And then, finally, comes the largest dream of all: what Ahmadinejad does not shrink from describing as "a world without America." Demented though he may be, I doubt that Ahmadinejad is so crazy as to imagine that he could wipe America off the map even if he had nuclear weapons. But what he probably does envisage is a diminution of the American will to oppose him: that is, if not a world without America, he will settle, at least in the short run, for a world without much American influence.

So Podhoretz admits that Iran is no legitimate threat to the US, but they threaten our precious oil. When are we ever going to learn that so long as we are held hostage to our addiction to oil, we will continue to be drawn into endless mideast wars? If Bush was right about anything, he was right when he said we need a new "Manhattan Project" to make us energy-independent.

(And no, I don't believe that he really meant what he said, but at least he said the right thing for once...)

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Comments (3)

In addition, Iran has serious problems with air pollution and they have a severe need to build nuclear power generating facilities. I wouldn't be surprised if they are angling for a giant subsidy and assistance from the free world in exchange for limits and controls on their bomb-making abilities.

Steve Crickmore:

I was just refreshing myself by googling Norman Podhoretz his writings and his personal life and a more belicose intellectual, I can't remember encountering, even for a neo-con. Here he is already talking about World War 4. Iraq simply wasn't a 'great enough conflict' for him. From his piece in 'Commentary'"the one we are now we in has ideological roots, pitting us against Islamofascism, yet another mutation of the totalitarian disease we defeated first in the shape of Nazism and fascism and then in the shape of Communism; it is global in scope."

In 1983 he wrote about El Salvador "If we are unwilling or unable to contain the further advance of Soviet influence, and the Communist totalitarianism that usually accompanies it, in our own hemisphere, where else can we be expected to do so? And if we are thus neutralized, will anyone, including eventually even ourselves, be safe from Soviet imperial control? In I983,he felt the USA was in danger of being dominated by Soviet imperial control, the same way in feels Europe is under threat from Iranian led Islam influence and dominance.

But just as Soviet communism burned itself out, in 1979-91 in Eastern Europe, I think extreme fundamentalism will never threaten Western Europe..Let's face it, extreme Islam isn't the most attractive theology in the world to European secular Christians, European moderate Muslims, or displaced Persians, any more than Soviet-styled Communism was to liberals, socialists or Eurocommunists.

Steve Crickmore:

Correction. The Berlin wall came down in late October 1989 not 1979 as I just implied.


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