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Thompson is as Phony as a Three Dollar Bill

When I saw this video response from Fred Thompson to Michael Moore's challenge for a debate I was absolutely floored. What an amazingly childish and immature thing for Thompson to do! Doesn't he realize this makes him look like a total schmuck?

What in the world were his handlers thinking letting him make this third-grade level response to a nobody, inconsequential twit like Michael Moore?

Look at how staged and "actor-ish" he comes off - what a phony - and what an idiot for thinking this makes him look like anything more than a two-bit partisan hack chump. I'm amazed - absolutely amazed - that something like this came out of a presidential campaign.

How un-presidential can you get? Watch the video!

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Comments (14)

Jeff Blogworthy:

So... I guess you're not voting Thompson?

I was looking forward to seeing what Thompson was made of -- and I now have the answer. Cafeteria pudding....

Paul Hamilton:

There was a guy on my political chat board who swore up and down that this was totally spontaneous.

Suuuuure it was... They just happened to have a camera pointing at him when he turned around and expounded. What a lucky coincidence.

U.P. Man:

So Michael Moore is a twit, yet sat wear at the last Democrat convention?

Moore is twit and supports which side of the aisle ?

Moore is twit and the left uses him as a attack dog?

If Moore is a twit, denounce Fahrenheit 9/11 ?
If Moore is a twit, why does the left fawn all over him?

Thompson gave the response a twit that has enthralled the loony left, needed.


This was classic. In 38 sec Fred pointed out that

1) Cuba is run by a madmad

2) that MM is beneath him and in this regards so are those that support MM (most of the Democrats)

3) that MM was acting childish

4) that MM cigar rant was untruthful and that he doesn't care one bit what MM and the Dems think.

4) MM was in fact nuts and should seek help.

All truth, and all done in a classy way with no snarling, no name calling, and no profanity.

If Bush could do this he would not be at 33%.

I could almost hear the "Well there they go again......"

Look out 2008 could be another 49 state sweep coming.

Watch the video again -- he's an actor - a phony - a pretender.

Thompson jumped the shark with this one... and before he even announced his candidacy. Amazing.

U.P. Man:

You complain President Bush doesn't speak well, you complain Thompson speaks to well...


What Fred did is called "Putting the dog in its place", and he did it extremely well.

The Apache have a saying: "The coyote howls insults yet he is a coward, the puma screams insults and yet he is brave."

Moore is a coyote.


seriously lee....i think you're over reacting. and not in a good way.

personally, i found the video to be humorous and on target. it was childish only in that it was as if Fred were talking to a stubborn child. which moore is.

you know what he came off as to me? some one who knows issues, but also likes to have fun. so what if he came off actorish (i personally don't think he did) being an actor is one of the things he has been doing for years. should he try to hide that?

After being accused by Moore for violating customs laws against Cuban cigars, LAW & ORDER toughguy Thompson has a big cigar hanging out of his mouth in one posted video. What half bright guy wants his picture taken with one hand in the cookie jar like this?

Voters can save this nation a lot of trouble if not potential scandal and ignore this guy. In 2000, many voters could see no problems in electing a troublesome former drunk as president who claimed that he was now somehow religious. Voting for some questionable guys is as bad as leaving a rake or two on the lawn and expecting nothing bad to ever come of it.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer put it well today when he mentioned that the Republicans already have 10 elderly or middle age men running for president. Under this thin criteria, Thompson must think that he's well qualified to run as #11.

Paul Hamilton:

I think everybody's making a bigger deal out of this than it deserves. Moore has made a living out of promoting himself. This was one more example of that. He called out Thompson and Thompson responded. It was a carefully scripted, well-rehearsed, well-filmed response which utterly lacked substance.

In other words, a pissing contest by two men who've made good livings for themselves with the media. Much ado about nothing.

I don 't think he can hide, it, ke -- I think pretending and playing a role is the only way this guy can run for President, turns out after all of the drama (heh) of will he run, won't he run... the prima donna in the wings is just a poseur.

He stooped to Moore's level - very un-presidential, imho. He was suckered into this ridiculous role by a moonbat!

Paul Hamilton:

KE: Thompson was not on target at all. He was challenged on one point and responded on something totally different.

If he would have responded by saying, "Hell, yes, I'll debate you anytime anywhere. You just name it," then I would have not only respected Thompson a lot more than I did for that overly-polished presentation, I would have been rubbing my hands in glee at the prospect of the debate.

But that didn't happen, did it?

U.P. Man:

He wasn't challenged on any point, he was challenged with have you stopped beating your wife questions.


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