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White House Signals Wolfie to Move On

The ongoing "slow-motion train wreck of a dispute" between Paul Wolfowitz and the World bank is just dragging on and on way too long. While I can see where there may be some validity to the claims that he's been railroaded, enough is enough Wolfie -- accept the fact that you've been railroaded (if that's the case), and move on. Dragging this out is not doing Mr. Wolfowitz's reputation any good. It's beyond salvageable at this point

Finally it appears that the White House is signaling Wolfie to move on as well...

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Comments (3)

Paul Hamilton:

Heckuva job, Wolfie!

Actually, they've probably maintained their support for him long after everybody else has tossed him over the rail. It's a shame that blind loyalty matters more to the Bush Bunch than competence.


i could only hope that if i were in a similar spot, being railroaded, that i would have people supporting me and not urging me to just "get over it".

i can not tell you how angry shit like this makes me.

oh, and by the way, "wolfie" is competent in trying to get rid of corruption at the world bank, which is why he's being railroaded.

Support has a place, ke, but it also has limits - a fact the White House seems to be coming to grips with. Supporting Wolfie, at the expense of continuing to harm the standing of the World Bank, is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

It appears that the Quid pro quo here is that Wolfie leaves and in return the European board members agree to drop their efforts to eliminate the practice of the United States having sole right to appoint the World Bank President.

The White House continuing to back Wolfie, at the expense of losing that level of control on the World Bank, seems foolish in light of the irreparable damage already done to Wolfie's abilty to lead -- railroaded or not...


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