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Rush Says He Can Pick the Republican Candidate

World Net Daily story:

Rush Limbaugh, the most-listened-to radio host in the U.S. and America's No. 1 voice for conservatism, says he alone has the power to choose the 2008 Republican nominee for president at this point, but he's avoiding pushing one candidate over another so as not to sound like a "cheerleader."

Limbaugh's remarks came today during his analysis of last night's GOP presidential debate in South Carolina, as a caller urged Rush to throw his support behind Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, as the caller claimed Paul was the most conservative of the field of candidates.

"I don't think Congressman Paul has a snowball's chance," Limbaugh said.

"You have the power yourself to make him the Republican nominee," the caller responded.

"That is very true, and that is why I must exercise this power responsibly, not as a cheerleader," said Limbaugh, "which is why I'm not picking a name right now. I alone have the power to move the [Republican] base."

This is your mind on OxyContin...

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actually, that's kinda funny. you do realize that rush has a sense of humor don't you? given the straight line given by the caller, i'd say he did pretty well....


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