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Blind Man Seeks a Gun Permit

ksl.com story:

A blind man who has concealed weapons permits from North Dakota and Utah says he's not a danger to society, even though he can't see the gun he's shooting.

Carey McWilliams, 33, says he has followed all rules, and he wants Minnesota to join other states that have granted him a concealed weapons permit. He says he was rejected by a Minnesota county sheriff and a judge in that state.

"I'm trying to prove a point that people without sight still can carry (a gun) because brains are more important than eyesight in securing public safety," McWilliams said. "The shooter at Virginia Tech had really good eyesight and he killed 32 people."

Yes, I believe in the right to carry firearms if -- I repeat IF -- a person can show himself competent to use the weapon safely. I just can't wait for this guy to demonstrate that ability...

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Comments (7)


Pretty simple, actually. Blind guy keeps gun in pocket, gets mugged, fires the pistol into the stomach of asshole who's mugging him.

U.P. Man:

Once knew a gentleman that lost his sight. He to park in quick draw and speed shooting competitions. Accuracy was not scored other than the bullets must go down range.

Even more absurd, the City Of Chicago issued a gun permit to a 10 month old baby last week for ownership of an assault weapon. The baby's father even enclosed the picture of the baby for the gun permit photo ID card. The Chicago police justified their action's granting this gun permit on the grounds that the 10 month old baby had no prior criminal record that prevented him from gun ownership after their background check. The baby's photo is clearly posted on the photo ID card.

In a damning defense of the police, I suppose a 10 month old baby hasn't had enough time to track a record for mental illness or criminal actions yet. But on the other hand, it might be questioned whether a 10 month old baby would be the most responsible assault weapon owner. But the Chicago police had no problems with the approval of the gun permit, and continue to stand behind their action's.

U.P. Man:

and credit card companies sent a dog a credit card with a limit of $10,000.


the blind can do some amazing things. i once lived next to an older gentleman who was blind. he is to go rattle snake hunting and make belts and boots out of the skins.

as far as the 10year old boy getting a permit for a gun? from what i read, the city had to issue it because there the boy did not meet any of the disallowed criteria.



Chicago is supposedly a gun free zone just like Virginia Tech.

I believe in the right to carry firearms

Wow, that differentiates you completely from the other posters here.

Good on you.


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