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Congressional Democrats Find It's GOOD to be the King

Political Wire story:

"Democrats are wielding a heavy hand on the House Rules Committee, committing many of the procedural sins for which they condemned Republicans during their 12 years in power," reports The Politico.

"So far this year, Democrats have frequently prevented Republicans from offering amendments, limited debate in the committee and, just last week, maneuvered around chamber rules to protect a $23 million project for Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA)."

"On Wednesday, Democrats suggested changing the House rules to limit the minority's right to offer motions to recommit bills back to committee -- violating a protection that has been in place since 1822."

However, Roll Call notes Republicans successfully halted the plan after they "threw the House floor into procedural chaos."

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Comments (4)

Lee Ward:

Damn right it's good to be king. Twenty years from now it may have grown old, and we Democrats may feel a little more generous, but you reap what you sow, and the Republicans have been sowing nothing but partisan, exclusionary and discriminatory seeds for over a decade. It's payback time, baby... ;)

U.P. Man:

Children children children, I thought democrats where kind, compassionate and willing to work together for harmony.

Guess Not.


lee, what about the 40 years of democrat dictatorship in the house prior to the 12 years of republicans? it's a 2 way street that has been going on since the political parties first appeared 200 in American politics. democrats have been as fiercely partisan and exclusionary as republicans.

to somehow claim that the republicans started it in 1994 is to ignore history.

and i have never noticed politicians of either party being generous except to themselves and their colleagues.

Lee Ward:

ke - "to somehow claim that the republicans started it in 1994 is to ignore history."

We're not going to play "you hit me first!," are we?

You've made a good point ke, but since the Republicans chose to "be King" then we should hear no complaints from them when the Democrats take their turn - and I for one wasn't whining when the Republicans took their turn back in 1994.

But I bet we'll hear a few complaints from Republicans -- it's that whole "hypocrisy" thing which some seem to struggle with a lot, and you'll remind them that turnabout is fair play, right?


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