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Current Attorney General Gonzales

Gonzales may have thought he survived his ordeal in front of the Senate Judiciary on April 19th, but within the last 48 hours he has faced such a flood of bad news that it looks as though he may not survive.

First, the remarkable tale of the then acting-Attorney General Comey recollection of the time when Ashcroft was gravely ill in the hospital, back in March of 2004. According to Comey's testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee:

He was on his way home when he got a call from Ashcroft's wife that Alberto Gonzales, (then Bush's official White House Counsel), and Andrew Card (Bush's chief of Staff), were on their way to the hospital. Comey then rushed to the hospital (sirens blaring) to beat them there and thwart "an effort to overrule me." {This was in a vain effort by Gonzales and Card, who appear to have been sent by Bush, to obtain Ashcroft's authorization for his illegal or warrant-less eavesdropping .}

After Comey had arrived at the hospital, with a group of senior Justice Department officials, Gonzales and Card arrived and walked up to Ashcroft, who was lying barely conscious on his hospital bed. Gonzales began to explain why he was there, to seek his approval for a matter," Comey testified. But Ashcroft rebuffed Gonzales and told him that Comey was the attorney general now. "The two men turned and walked from the room."

Then, at today's press conference, we had Bush's gruff refusal to talk about Comey's accusations that he personally arranged the Ashcroft Hospital visit (video) Bush: "There's a lot of speculation about what happened and what didn't happen. I'm not going to talk about it." Bush said the hospital visit was classified then he went on to talk at length about Al-Queda. I guess that is unclassified.

'The Washington Post' also published an article revealing there were a number of lists being "circulated" round the DOJ with up to 26 names of different US Attorneys "who for performance reasons" were being considered expendable: moderate Republicans, not the "Bushies" (that's the DOJ's word, not mine).

Justice spokesman Brian Roehrkasse tried to assure the other Attorneys that "Whether they are on any list or not, U.S. attorneys currently serving enjoy the full confidence and support of the attorney general and Department of Justice." Hmmm...

It seems "the only person who has confidence in the attorney general is President Bush," Chuck Schumer (D) of New York told reporters.

This afternoon, sensing that the President was never going to ask Gonzales to leave, Democratic Senators sought a no-confidence vote on Gonzales.

A short while later, questions were raised as to whether Gonzales had acted illegally.

Just another day, in a growing list, that Gonzales won't want to recall.

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You gotta remember the puggies will claim the same crap about Alberto as they did for Scooter. They refuse to realize the truth. Poor Gonzo, he lied about the truth, but told the truth in the puggies view.


I don't care anymore whether gonzo stays or goes. The longer he stays the more damage he does to the GOP. Bush is a lame duck.....there are no more elections for him.....the electorate's hatred of Bush will be reflected on the gopers who have supported Bush during his reign of terror. If I had to bet money today, I would bet on a Democrat to be in the White House and the Dems to expand on their majorities in Congress.


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