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Rice's Israeli-Arab Peace Initiative

Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams made some extraordinary admissions to a group of Jewish Republicans in Washington D.C. last week concerning Secretary of State Rice's vaunted peace initiative in the Mid East.

You know, the 'Peace Initiative' that Rice announced in Cairo in January, whereby the Bush administration would try to accelerate the road map to move to a Palestinian state. In exchange Rice asked Arab allies to help support the fragile government in Iraq; a broad bargain that one Arab official dubbed "Iraq for Land"

At the meeting in Washington, Abrams said the peace effort (was) aimed at lessening Arab/EU pressure .

Abrams explained that the talks are sometimes not more than "process for the sake of the process"... Some of the attendees understood Abrams' comments as an assurance that the peace initiative promoted by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice doesn't have the full backing of President George W. Bush. He was basically telling us that he [the president] will not let it get out of hand

What was that again? The President will not permit the peace talks 'to get out of hand'? I thought that was the aim of the talks; that peace might conceivably achieve some sort of breakthrough. It would appear that not only is genuine talk of peace in the Mid-East not allowed on the peace table in a kind of reverse Dr. Strangelove scenario, (you're fighting in the war room!'), but the right to use even nuclear force, exclusively by the US and Israel, is never off the table.

Elliott Abrams has a long history of dealing from the bottom of the deck. The only negotiations that he has ever really been serious about in the Mid- East were taking unauthorized weapons from the Pentagon, selling them to Khomeni, in exchange for hostages and funds to buy guns for the Contra in Nicaragua.{The Iran-Contra affair}

At that time Abrams, as Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs, was responsible for much of Reagan's Latin America policy. Unrepentant and unbowed by the bloody-minded results of arming death squads and militias (what was called the Salvador Option), Abrams was later pardoned by George Bush senior in 1992, and is now back in a position of real influence in the White House. In addition to Israel and Palestine, Iran and Iraq are part of his portfolio -- "two-thirds of the axis of evil!" Abrams said delightedly.

In light of Abram's comments that the US is merely going through the motions of trying to settle the Palestinian issue, Arab moderate leaders will now question the coherence and leadership of US foreign policy. Even in Israel one Israeli official commented, "Condi is just not in charge of your Middle East policy. Every time she turns around, Elliott Abrams is slapping her down. It's embarrassing."

Elliot Abrams, a convicted perjurer who should by all rights have been serving the American public by punching license plates in Leavenworth, is putting his own personal neo-con stamp on American foreign policy, and doing so in the most explosive part of the world: Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine. It's mind boggling!

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Interesting post, but it would hold more water if any administration, Republican or Democrat had been able to broker peace with the Palestinian terrorists.

Steve Crickmore:

I agree it's been a complete washout...What did someone once say 'learn from the mistakes of others, you don't have time to make them all yourself'..Bush doesn't even learn from his own mistakes..


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