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US Military Responsible for Huge Fire in New Jersey

Daily News commentary:

I wish I was making that headline up:

A massive wildfire that has already burned thousands of acres in the Pinelands and forced the evacuation of residents in two towns likely started this afternoon when an F-16 fighter jet dropped flares as part of a maneuver over a gunnery range, New Jersey National Guard officials said tonight.

The fire, fueled by dry conditions and gusty winds, has already consumed more than 12,000 acres, almost 19 square miles, along the border of Ocean and Burlington counties. Several highways were closed and as many as 2,000 homes in Stafford and Barnegat townships, including several retirement communities, had been evacuated.

The Star-Ledger also reports:

The fire began on the Warren Grove Gunnery Range, a 9,400-acre area of hills, sandpits and scrub pines used for target practice by Air Force and Air National Guard units from around the East Coast.

National Guard officials said they were investigating how the flare, which in combat would cause a heat-seeking missile to miss an aircraft, was able to set off the blaze. Plante said investigators will have a better idea of the source of ignition once the fire is out.

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Comments (5)


National Guard officials said they were investigating how the flare, which in combat would cause a heat-seeking missile to miss an aircraft, was able to set off the blaze.

Um... I might have an idea about that...

(Flares are so hot they can burn holes in concrete.)


You or someone is making up the headline. New Jersey National Guard is not the United States Military. Not even a part of it until activated. Non military types shoud avoid military topics. You only make asses of yourselves. Accidents do happen, every day all over the world. Your momma made a mistake and threw the baby out and rearing the afterbirth. Now I understand the Democrats drive to abort all babies, they want the afterbirth.

Does this mean that New Jersey will be embroiled in a civil war in a couple years?

Or was this just the Bush administration's latest badly-bungled effort -- this time a delayed response to the Fort Dix Six terrorists?


Flares are a fire hazard and in my experience were usually banned for practice when range conditions were high fire risks. I suspect either someone goofed: either live flares were not supposed to be loaded, someone didn't read the current READ FILES before taking off, or someone didn't post fire restrictions who should have.

P. Bunyan:

This post is just another example of how the left "supports" the troops by denigrating them.

I bet you were so proud to post this Paul.

If it can in any way make the military look "bad" the left just loves it.


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