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Bill Richardson 2006 TV Ad

One of Bill Richardson's ads from his 2006 re-election campaign for Governor of New Mexico.

Click on the "play" button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

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Comments (13)

U.P. Man:

But he's just acting!!!!

That isn't very presidential looking!!!!

Testing out a slight change on the comment screen...


"Look at how staged and "actor-ish" he comes off - what a phony - and what an idiot for thinking this makes him look like anything more than a two-bit partisan hack chump. I'm amazed - absolutely amazed - that something like this came out of a presidential campaign.

How un-presidential can you get? Watch the video!"

Lee, does that ring a bell ??

Typekey now works on IE and Firefox - if anyone cares...


Good production values. Insipid content. Must be for the war. Don't ask, don't tell.

Steve Crickmore:

bryanD, your'e being ironic again? Richardson:

"first called for de-authorization of the war in Iraq in January,
and says "I have repeated that call all around the country -- because I believe immediate de-authorization and removing all of our troops from Iraq this year is the only way to end Bush's war" May 4, 2007, and he called for an end to...
"don't ask, don't tell" in March 17, 2007.

UP and FMK - If you could tell Richardson was acting and playing the part of a cowboy sheriff in this video I'm proud of you.

Question is... why can't you tell Thompson was acting and playing the part of a presidential candidate in his video?

Steve -- is the March 2007 position of Richardson's a change from a previous position?

U.P. Man:

Oh, I get it...

If the person is a Democrat then he/she is showing that they have a sense of humor.

But since Republicans don't have a sense of humor then it all must be childish, unpresidential acting.

Got it, Democrat= HYPOCRITE.


U.P. Man:

Guess you can't recognize sarcasm either.

Sarcasm has always been difficult to recognize in text-based messaging, UP. It's a problem that's plagued the internet from the very start. Try irony and wit instead.

Seems to me that Richardson's star is rising -- anyone else get that feeling? I smell a possible Clinton/Richardson ticket.

Stark contrast there - the Democrats fielding a woman and a hispanic vs. the white bread Republicans.

U.P. Man:

Tell that to Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Alberto Gonzales.

How have the Democrats treated them? Does "Uncle Tom" , "Aunt Jejmima", "House boy" , or other slurs used against them by DEMOCRATS ring any bells?


bryanD, your'e being ironic again?-s.c.

No. It looks like he's running for governor of NM again. Unless he's on the record for legalizing pot, I think he's wasting his money on *cute*.

UP Man - Which democrats treated Rice, Thomas, and Gonzales that way? I haven't read any news reports to that effect.

Do you have any names, or links to quotes?


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