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Winning Hearts and Minds in Iraq

No wonder the military wants to keep the troops off the Web.

Hat tip to Bag News Notes.

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

Larkin, we dropped that slogan after Abu Ghraib. Now it is more like 'separate their hearts from their minds.

In an 'Los Angeles Times' article, In terrorism fight, diplomacy gets shortchanged Robert Richer, who retired as associate deputy CIA director for operations in 2005 sums it up this way:

"We have walked away from the hearts-and-minds campaign...The United States used to be an iron fist with a velvet glove over it. Now it is viewed by many abroad as just an iron fist."

civil behavior:

I guess this is just children at play huh?

And we wonder why the he** we are being targeted?


Boo fucking hoo. A mosque loses its Geneva Convention protected status when it being used as a observation post or sniper nest. But you guys are on our side aren't you?

I'm Catholic. If terrorists want to use a church for cover -- I'll blow it up myself.

The mosque stop being a mosque as soon as the enemy made it a target.

The soldiers weren't laughing because a mosque blew up, they were amused by how quickly it came down. It was a bit sudden.

Stop trying to make such leaps of logic. It makes you look stupid.

Targeting the mosque probably saved the lives of American and Iraqi soldiers. But no, we wouldn't want to point that out, let alone even consider it.


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