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Web 2.0

I just think this is cool. No particular political point to make here.

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Tim O'Reilly on "What is Web 2.0?"

It's web 1.0 plus 1.

Paul Hamilton:

Wikipedia is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the web and everything that's right with it.

Yes, that's a contradiction.

Yes, the whole internet is a contradiction.

I've been involved in this medium from the days when I had a 300 baud modem and the only thing to connect to were bulletin boards. Then there was Q-Link, and GEnie and Prodigy and all the rest and finally the web just exploded.

The good news about the web is that corporate media no longer run everything. The bad news is that all the old standards of journalism are dead. I'm having an interesting discussion on my political chat board right now with a person who thinks that because Matt Drudge is "right most of the time" and because he owns his website, he can say pretty much whatever he wants regardless of the facts.

And yet, this same person was right at the forefront for calling for Dan Rather's head when they stupidly ran with those phoney documents about Bush's time in the National Guard.

I'm Blue's biggest proponent of freedom and I'd never ever call for censorship of the web of any sort, but if you are going to trust the web the way you once trusted CBS, NBC and ABC, you need to be a very careful and responsible consumer...


Over my head. Read Lee's link. Still don't get it. Seems like the ongoing search for MyRobotLover to me.


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