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Impeach Gonzales Now

Defenders of doomed US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have repeatedly maintained that he did nothing illegal, and, for that reason alone, he is still the best person in all of America to be Attorney General. Slate's Frank Bowman puts the lie to that and explains that, indeed, Gonzales may have committed an impeachable offense.

Congress could and should impeach Alberto Gonzales. One ground for doing so, as I have previously suggested, is the attorney general's amnesiac prevarication in his testimony before the Senate and the House. But if Congress wants more, it need look no further than the firing of David Iglesias, former U.S. attorney in New Mexico. The evidence uncovered in Gonzales' Senate and House testimony demonstrates that he fired Iglesias not because of a policy disagreement or a management failure, but because Iglesias would not misuse the power of the Department of Justice in the service of the Republican Party. To fire a U.S. attorney for refusing to abuse his power is the essence of an impeachable offense.

David Iglesias is a United States Navy Reserve Captain who was the basis for the character played by Tom Cruise in the movie "A Few Good Men". He was appointed in 2001 by Bush to be the United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico after having lost a 1998 run for New Mexico Attorney General as a Republican. His enjoyed stellar ratings as US Attorney until, quite coincidentally I'm sure, eight days after the Nov 2006 elections when his name first appeared on lists of candidates to be fired drawn up by former Chief of Staff Kyle Sampson. Bowman gives us the "reasons" that Gonzales came up with for Iglesias' firing:

Showing that Gonzales knew that the only real reasons for dismissing Iglesias were improper ones is critical to the case for impeaching the attorney general. Remarkably, Gonzales has effectively admitted as much. In his testimony, Gonzales provided three explanations for his decision to fire Iglesias: 1) Iglesias "lost the confidence of Senator Domenici," 2) Karl Rove and President Bush complained, and 3) "the consensus recommendation of the senior leadership."

But the last explanation is a lie...

All of the "senior leadership" to have testified so far--including Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, Acting Associate Attorney General William Mercer, and Sampson--deny proposing Iglesias for removal.

We now know that the only complaints made against Iglesias came from New Mexico Republican Senator Pete Domenici and Karl Rove who had demanded that Iglesias pursue politically useful prosecutions against Democrats before the 2006 election. They were upset that Iglesias staunchly refused to time any indictments or bring cases for the political benefit of the Republicans. Iglesias maintains that after reviewing over 100 complaints he never found enough evidence to warrant a prosecution.

I've heard enough. Impeach Gonzales now.

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What happened in New Mexico was just one part of a nationwide plan by Rove and company to manipulate the 2006 elections. Missouri was another front for Rove's manipulation --

The preoccupation with ballot fraud in Missouri was part of a wider national effort that critics charge was aimed at protecting the Republican majority in Congress by dampening Democratic turnout. That effort included stiffer voter-identification requirements, wholesale purges of names from lists of registered voters and tight policing of liberal get-out-the-vote drives.

...and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stood by and let it happen, then lied about it to Congress, and did nothing when the White House deleted the email evidence.


I find it odd that when the Democrats are about the screw over most Americans with a horrible immigration bill, all the Democrats want to talk about is Alberto Gonzales.

Maybe if Congress would spend as much time having hearings on immigrations is it has had on the Attorney General, the Democrats could claim to be exercising oversight. But whem they spend months investigating a minor issue like Gonzales while taking a couple of days to open the borders to the world, the Democrats demonstrate they they were lying when talking about oversight.

civil behavior:

He won't last to be impeached.

He'll take the same road the rest of them have and then be awarded a Medal of Freedom/pardon/or a cushy job in the private sector.

When will the American people raise up and scream bloody murder?

When hell freezes over.

Look for that in about 2040 when the thermohaline current shuts down.

Steve Crickmore:

Rove and Gonzales have been able to bully many a Republican but they picked on the wrong guy in David Iglesias. He was the one who set off the whole brouhaha wasn't he? He doesn't mince words :"The wheels have come off, the engine is on fire and no one is driving,"in an interview with guest blog columnist Greg Palast who used to work for the AG's office in New Mexico. For Palast "It's about the 2008 election and changing the Department of Justice, --- the agency charged with protecting voters --- into an army of Rove-bots...programmed to attack them."

civil behavior:

Anyone interested in an interview with Palast and his take on the US attorney firings click here http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=07/05/14/1426254

Very interesting his explanation as to why the firings are related to the 2008 election. Makes sense.


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