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Bush Seeks To Weaken Consumer Safety and Protection

In the latest example that proves just how extremist and out of step with the average American citizen that the Bush Administration has become, they are now supporting the chief lobbyist for the National Association Of Manufacturers to become the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Attorney Michael E Baroody has represented big business interests countless times against the consumer safety and protection concerns of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and his nomination as head of this agency is simply dangerous to consumers.

Further, while lobbyist Baroody is under consideration for confirmation to this position by Congress, he recently accepted a $150,000 payment from the National Association Of Manufacturers, which raises huge conflict of interest concerns as well. Baroody claims he will avoid decisions that directly relate to his employer for a two year period, yet his role as head of this important consumer protection agency will involve decisions whether to allow hundreds of potentially harmful. poisonous, defective or deadly products to remain on the market and potentially injure, maim or kill many consumers that are sold by member companies of NAM or other large corporations, importers and distributors.

The average person in the public is horrified at the deadly pet food scandal with the melamine plastic chemical contamination, and an average of 229 dangerous products imported from China are currently removed from the market each month by state or federal consumer agencies as well. If lobbyist Baroody becomes the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, then many potentially dangerous or defective products will likely be allowed to be sold to the public each day, considering the past lobby efforts of Baroody who has proven little regard for the public safety when corporate profits were at stake. Some of the worst examples of Baroody was his NAM lobby efforts to keep products on the market used by small infants and children.

It took the actions of private attorneys to sue manufacturers to remove children's pajamas that could easily catch fire or other deadly products when the Consumer Product Safety Commission failed to act in the past. Under Baroody, this very important consumer protection agency will only grow far weaker. The average citizen needs to contact their representative in Congress and express their opposition to the nomination of Baroody and support for consumer safety.

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