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Hillary Aims at Pre-Schoolers, and Republicans

Hillary unveiled a plan for pre-school education, and fires a shot at Bush and his Republican cadre of Iraq apologists in the process... (emphasis mine)

"Our educational system needs to be strengthened from start to finish, but we have to start where it all begins," Clinton told an audience of children, teachers and parents on Monday.

Clinton said she would pay for the program by closing tax loopholes and eliminating Bush administration programs she disagrees with.

"There are so many places to cut the money that is being spent in this government. Let's start by cutting 500,000 of the private contractors the Bush administration has had who don't do a job that is held accountable in any way," Clinton said, adding that ending the Iraq war will also provide money for investing in programs.

She said quality pre-kindergarten programs will more than pay for themselves because children will be less likely to enter special education programs, drop out of school or enter the welfare system. She also said preparing children for school also reduces behavioral problems.

"If you add up all the benefits, it's really astonishing," the New York senator and former first lady said, citing one study that says for every dollar invested in pre-kindergarten, there is at least a seven fold return. "We consistently fail to invest in what will save us money."

States would have to match the federal funds dollar-for-dollar.

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