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In Case of Emergency, Bush is Dictator

The Progressive commentary:

The subject of the document is entitled "National Continuity Policy."

It defines a "catastrophic emergency" as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government function."

This could mean another 9/11, or another Katrina, or a major earthquake in California, I imagine, since it says it would include "localized acts of nature, accidents, and technological or attack-related emergencies."

The document emphasizes the need to ensure "the continued function of our form of government under the Constitution, including the functioning of the three separate branches of government," it states.

But it says flat out: "The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government."

Just something for everyone to think about.

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Comments (13)


OMFG, i made the mistake of following the link. i have never seen such a collection of tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy nuts in my life.

correct me if i am wrong, but wasn't one of the things that came out of 9/11 the requirement for a plan of government continuity?

seriously, let's say congress is in session, and somebody drops a plane on the capital. or congress is not in session and a major "event" happens. or any number of possibilities. all this document does is set out a framework for how government should continue while it gets back on it's feet.

personally i feel better knowing that somebody is thinking of these things. regardless of what you think of the current president, don't you want there to be a plan in place?

isn't one of the things that you complain about bush is that there's never a plan? now you're complaining that there is a plan....i'm confused.

Paul Hamilton:

A plan that establishes a dictatorship is much worse than no plan at all.


oh, and here is the link to the actual white house document.


if you read it carefully, it is for the Federal government executive branch. it specifically states that each branch is responsible for it's own plan and that the coordinator is responsible for coordinating with the other branches.

in NO place does it talk about dictatorship, suspension of elections, replacing congressional leadership, or anything like that. as far as i can tell the outage over this is because people aren't actually reading the source document and are just aching for the opportunity to lamb last bush, whether he deserves it or not.

Paul Hamilton:

One more thing -- don't you think the criteria by which the president could establish himself as the sole authority are a bit ill-defined?


maybe you're seeing something that i'm not, because i don't see anywhere that it says anything about the president being the sole authority.


This is the same sort of stuff that used to set off the survivalists and other crazies back in the 1990s. It's nice to see that the modern Left is following in the footsteps of such fine company...

I suppose we're going to hear about all of those Halliburton-built prison camps that are being built to house all of the courageous Democrats who are going to be locked up once the BushCheneyHitlerBurton forces take over...

Jeff Blogworthy:

These same kind of conspiracy theories were being floated when boy Clinton was president. FEMA was going to take over the country under the pretense of a national emergency. The UN had white trucks and black helicopters ready to go (making our troops wear the UN uniform doesn't help). It was reported that our soldiers were questioned about whether they would be willing to fire on fellow Americans. A lot these rumors were fueled by the heavy-handed tactics of the BATF. None of that stuff happened, thank God. Sad to say, the right had nearly as many nutroots as the left does. We're all going to have to calm down and think more rationally. It is tempting to let fear be your guide. It takes a bit of effort to overcome. Do try.

Paul Hamilton:

You mean you don't believe that story about a boxcar full of guillotines? :)

I listened to a lot of shortwave back in the 90s...

Jeff Blogworthy:

The boxcar full of guillotines is a new one on me. I'll have to look that up. I was thinking about how difficult it is to draw a comparison from the 90's to today because the way information is exchanged really has changed in remarkable ways since then. Like you say, shortwave was a source of information, video tapes circulated in the mail, pamphlets, newsletters, word of mouth, and young talk radio were the modes of communication. The internet was hardly even noticeable. It would have been interesting to see an internet dynamic at work in that time-frame, with the shoe on the other foot. Conspiracy theories had a good go of it, even without the aid of the net.

Paul Hamilton:

"We were following the railroad tracks into the forest, so that we would not get lost and could find out way out. We were surprised as we followed them deeper into the woods to discover boxcars, looking out of place and all painted black. Suspicious, we decided to look inside one if we could. We saw one that had a door partially open. We struggled to slide it open all the way, and when our eyes adjusted to the dark interior, what we saw shocked us. There were rows of shackles installed in the boxcar. My friend Rose pointed to the end of the boxcar and I said, 'Rose, what IS that?'"

"She replied, 'Why, Marie, don't you SEE what that is??? IT IS A GUILLOTINE!' "



wow....omfg wow....i'm utterly at a loss for words to how crazy that link is paul


Hmmm...some of these are VERY interesting.

b) Providing leadership visible to the Nation and the world and maintaining the trust and confidence of the American people; [We could use that NOW...but the president would have to be trustworthy.]

(c) Defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and preventing or interdicting attacks against the United States or its people, property, or interests; [Defending the Constitution is the oath of office; it isn't reserved for emergencies; how about we do this now?]

(d) Maintaining and fostering effective relationships with foreign nations; [We can't maintain something that's been destroyed; we need to establish this and not wait for an emergency.]

(f) Providing rapid and effective response to and recovery from the domestic consequences of an attack or other incident; [like Katrina?]

Paul Hamilton:

KE: Yeah it was pretty entertaining listening, sort of like Monty Python does politics.

The year or so leading up to Y2K was really something. They were all peddling crates of MREs and predicting doomsday. Just last night I checked to see if Brother R. G. Stair, a.k.a. the Overcomer, was still on the internet and sure enough, he was. If you want to check it out, his website is overcomerministry.org and he has streaming audio of his shortwave show.


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