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Is Christianism Peaking?

Andrew Sullivan commentary:

The truth is: I don't know. But there are clearly signs that American evangelicals - especially in the younger generations - do not share the conflation of faith and partisanship of the Falwell era. In this, of course, they are returning to the historical evangelical norm - and Falwell's harsh, exclusionary and condemnatory Republicanism is the real exception. Abortion remains non-negotiable, and I understand why. But I sense that more and more Christians realize that speaking out about the moral enormity of abortion, and attempting to restrain and decrease its prevalence, is not indistinguishable from legal prohibition in all cases. People's moral views on this are changed in the heart and soul, not by political power. And the depth of Christianity's rejection of earthly power is so great the temptations of Christianism can be resisted in the long run.

I hope it is. There's a bumper sticker out there that reads "Liberty is the distance between church and state." And that's just as true in America as it is in Iran or Afghanistan. It says right in the constitution that there will not be a religious test for any public office, but clearly there were religious tests for nominations in the Republican party.

But now we've come to the point where the ordinary progress of society is beginning to crumble and the people of the country are tired of being fed Christian platitudes when they can't afford to feed their families and and even if we do, we have to worry about what kind of poison might be hidden in our meals.

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Comments (2)


i think "liberty is the distance between state and self" is better....

Paul Hamilton:

I like that too, but I believe that more irrationality is justified by religion than by politics.


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