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Israel Determined to Shatter Cease Fire

NY Times story:

The Israeli Air Force launched new strikes against targets in Gaza today, a day after bombing the home of a Hamas Parliament member in Gaza, killing eight people.

At least four members of the group Islamic Jihad, on their way to launch rockets at Israel, were killed in a strike that destroyed their car near the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya, according to Reuters, which cited the militant group.

One man was killed in an attack on what Israel called a rocket making facility, and Palestinians called a stonemason's shop, Reuters reported. The air strikes also knocked out electricity to about 50,000 people.

Sunday's attack came hours after the Israeli government announced that it would intensify its military operations in Gaza in an effort to halt Palestinian rocket fire into Israel. An Egyptian-brokered cease-fire reached on Saturday appeared to be holding up in Gaza, after a week of fierce factional fighting between Fatah and its rival, Hamas.

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Comments (3)


You post a story that includes the line starting "At least four members of the group Islamic Jihad, on their way to launch rockets at Israel," and you put up that headline?

You see, the "cease fire" has been "shattered" ever since Hamas started firing rockets at Israel again to distract the folks in their own ranks.

The fact that you can take the story above and somehow try to turn it into Israel's fault says a lot more about you than it does them... and what it says is not a compliment.

Paul Hamilton:

As long as Israel's response to any incident is to bomb buildings full of civilians, I can only deduce that their intention is to heighten tensions, not to deal with terrorists.

And their track record on this goes back for years and years.


and as long as the terrorists set up shop in buildings full of civilians, they (the terrorists just to be clear) will continue to place them in intentional jeopardy.

oh, and how, exactly, do you deal with people who want to destroy your nation and people?


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