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Bush Trots Out AQ Boogeymen

With the release of the Rasmussen Public Opinion Poll which has Bush's approval ratings at that poll's lowest level ever, the President has apparently decided its time to trot out Osama binLaden, a tried and true boogeyman, in order to terrorize American voters again.ObinLaden.jpg

There are reports that Bush plans to deploy this terrorism tactic in his upcoming commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy.

President Bush, trying to defend his war strategy, declassified intelligence Tuesday asserting that Osama bin Laden ordered a top lieutenant in early 2005 to form a terrorist cell that would conduct attacks outside Iraq -- and that the United States should be the top target.


Bush, who is battling Democrats in Congress over spending for the unpopular war in Iraq, will argue that the terrorist threat to America is real, said Frances Fragos Townsend, the White House homeland security adviser. She said Bush would talk about why Iraq is an important battleground in fighting terrorism abroad to prevent attacks on U.S. soil and highlight previously reported successes in foiling terrorist attacks.

The Bush White House has intermittently declassified and made public sensitive intelligence information to help rebut critics or defend programs or actions against possibly adverse decisions in the Congress or the courts. On a few occasions, the declassified materials were intended as proof that terrorists see Iraq as a critical staging ground for global operations.

Democrats and other critics have accused Bush of selectively declassifying intelligence, including portions of a sensitive National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, to justify the U.S-led invasion on the ground that Saddam Hussein's regime possessed weapons of mass destruction. That assertion proved false.

You mean we aren't "fighting them over there so we won't have to fight them here" after all?

You mean President Bush has known since early 2005 that, regardless of our continued presence in Iraq, Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaeda wil plot and plan and attempt to strike us elsewhere?

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