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Michael Moore's SICKO Preview

Nothing like Michael Moore to get the mad dogs barking... Here's a short preview of Moore's soon-to-be-released documentary "SICKO".

The video which was linked has been removed by YouTube due to copyright claims. In it's place, here's an ABC news backstory.

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Comments (5)

Paul Hamilton:

The best way to get popular support for this would be to let workers know how much more salary would go into their pockets if their employers didn't have to pay for their health insurance.

Jeff Blogworthy:

I just love how Michael Moore and SICKO keep getting repeated in the same sentence. An apropos association.

Rather like "Bush" and "Terrorist", Jeff?

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Deep Focus

Deep Focus is an interactive-advertising agency. Not sure what their connection was to this clip, which had an Associated Press bug on it, but that's what the YouTube website says.

I'll see if I can find another copy.


yeah, the money *might* go into their pockets. maybe. just long enough to pay the higher taxes that would be needed to pay for socialized medicine.

by the way, have you ever talked to anybody who has tried to get decent health care in canada or the uk? the people i have spoken to have nothing good to say about it and are appalled that some in the US want to move in that direction.


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