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Promises, promises...

Set the Wayback Machine for Nov. 30, 2006:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Thursday that his country's forces would be able to assume security command by June 2007 -- which could allow the United States to start withdrawing its troops.

"I cannot answer on behalf of the U.S. administration but I can tell you that from our side our forces will be ready by June 2007," Maliki told ABC television after meeting President Bush on Thursday in Jordan.

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Comments (2)

I'm sure al-Maliki actually believed what he said back in November 30, 2006, as he assisted the Bush administration in selling America on the whole concept of the "surge" -- don't you?

Paul Hamilton:

I guess if Maliki wants power *at any cost* then he wouldn't mind the US occupation, but it's ever more apparent there will be no peace or resolution to the issues facing Iraq so long as we are present. I think it's obvious that Maliki wouldn't rule if we left, but it's got to be a very hollow victory for him to be a virtual prisoner in the Green Zone.


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