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Ron Paul More Popular Than Paris Hilton

NY Times commentary:

Representative Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who is running for president, may be barely registering in public opinion polls, but his supporters are making their presence known on the Internet. They were particularly energized after the second Republican debate, held last week in South Carolina.

There, Mr. Paul asserted that American foreign policy might have helped incite the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, swiftly rebuked him as holding a fringe view.

Mr. Paul's followers responded with support, in all the ways by which success is measured in cyberspace: in online polls about who won the debate, in the numbers of friends on MySpace and viewings of videos on YouTube. His was the most-searched name on Technorati, ahead of Paris Hilton's.

All this effort to marginalize Paul might only serve to pique people's interest in him. And you have to wonder whether he might really become popular if people could get past the idea that he's some unelectable goofball.

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Don't worry - nobody needs to "marginalize" a guy who only shows up in automated polling where his rabid fans cheat to get the results they want.

"Most searched on Technorati" just means some guy in his basement ran a few hundred thousand "who is Ron Paul" searches from a spare computer with a macro.

Considering that Ron Paul is the only Republican who is willing to be honest about Iraq, it's no surprise that the GOP machinery would want to shut him down.

Paul Hamilton:

Cirby, I wouldn't underestimate him. Certain RW sites are very enthusiastic about him and even I can appreciate his respect for the constitution. There are a lot of PaleoCons out there who are woefully under-represented in the Republican lineup.


Of course Ron Paul is more popular than Paris Hilton, he is better looking and not a convicted criminal.

If interested, I posted the following over on wizbang politics replying to their post. I am not a rabid Ron Paul fan but he has more integrity than the other candidates running.

"Represenative Ron Paul is marginalized by the party, mainstream media and portions of the blogosphere because he is the only true conservative republican running for president. He supports the constitution and believes that laws should be constitutional BEFORE they are passed. He supports minimal taxes, which has to pass constitutional muster. He supports Congress legally delcaring war, in accordance with the constitution, not passing the buck to the president etc. Representative Paul has voted agains all congressional pay raises, against tax increases, against illegal alien amnesty etc. Representative Paul does not live off the largess of lobbyists, and does not take vacations on the taxpayers dime. Representative Paul actually representst the PEOPLE of his district, not the Republican party, not Corporate america, not special interest groups.

The Bush administration is getting bashed by everybody about the war, huge percentages of americans are against it. Bushes own party is no longer happy about the war. Funny, that when Ron Paul speaks up against it though, he is marginalized."


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