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al-Sadr Surfaces


VOA - Anti-American Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has made his first public appearance since the start of a major U.S.-backed security crackdown in February.

The radical cleric attended Friday prayers at a mosque in the southern city of Kufa and delivered an anti-American sermon, telling worshippers that occupation forces should leave Iraq.

Larkin nailed this one yesterday, correctly calling al-Sadr's resurfacing and move to fill the power vacuum that now exists in Iraq. See his post for more on al-Sadr's plans and prospects.

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the problem with Sadr becoming the most powerful man in Iraq is that too many people fear and/or hate him.

let's say that the US pulls out, and a civil war erupts into full force, and that Sadr does become the leader of a piece of Iraq. (not all of Iraq because the Kurds would never let him into the north).

usually, in such cases, the first king of the hill is rarely ever the one that ends up being the leader in the end. look what happened in Afghanistan after the Soviets pulled out. there was a lot of chaos for several years with various "leaders".

but that is all pre-supposed that the US would leave and allow all this to happen. personally, i think that would be a mistake of epic and historical porportions.

Paul Hamilton:

The government has gone on holiday for the summer and look who appears to fill the vacuum...

If there's going to be a coup attempt, this is the time when it will happen.

KE: We already have chaos. The power of the Maliki government doesn't extend beyond the Green Zone. As I've said in earlier postings, I think that from the moment we removed Saddam from power, a civil war was inevitable, and I just don't see any way possible that Iraq can remain a single entity.


i thought that all of the Sadrites resigned?


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