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Things Going Just Great All Over the World

How are things doing under Bush's stewardship?

Let's check in Lebanon, North Korea, Nigeria, and now, the Ukraine.

Yep, peace and democracy are just breaking out all over.

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Funny how having one guy on the White House can completely ruin the planet. It's like a magical force field, where having someone who's not a Democrat in there warps all sorts of people (who weren't formerly evil or anything) into being such assholes.

I mean, we've never had any trouble from North Korea before, right? Clinton fixed that one back in the 1990s, didn't he? What, he didn't? I'm shocked.

Lebanon? It's always been such a nice place, before. It's like they got contaminated by the BushHalliburton miasma, since they never bothered Israel before. Must be Bush's fault.

And people know how law-abiding those Nigerians always were (I get emails from them all of the time offering to give me money, for free).

Ukraine? That's what they get for taking down that magic statue, which kept the Russians from being assholes. Definitely Bush's fault, that last one.

You left out Darfur, though. The Magical Bush Emanations turned a whole helluva lot of people into murdering psychopaths practically overnight and all, because they were always such a stable country.

Paul Hamilton:

So you acknowledge that in 6 years in office, Bush has made no progress in any of the world's most notorious trouble spots.

No progress? He appointed Bolton the Clown (over the objections of Congress) with the expressed intent to make international relations worse in order to bolster the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive, unliateral-cowboy, sabre-rattling giddy-up.

It was a huge failure, yes, but he did make progress -- he showed the American voting public that today's Republicans don't know crap about international politics, and don't care either. Educating the public in this regard certainly will help liberal, progressive causes in the 2008 election -- thanks, George.


Venezuela. Bolivia. Nicaragua.

The aftermath of the Mexican election wasn't too reassuring. If you think illegal immigration is serious now, wait till a Chavez clone is elected president of Mexico.


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