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Bringing the Reality of the War Home

This was posted on the political chat board I run by a long-time friend of mine, Marie Miller. A lot of the time, we'll forget that every statistic from Iraq is someone's child or spouse or parent. This note reminds us of the truth

I usually appreciate your posts and your quotes, but today, I cannot appreciate anything. Another eight fine young people are dead in Iraq, and among them are my best friend's grandson. He did not join the Army, Navy or Marines, he joined the State National Guard. His father and his grandfather before him had joined the guard and mopped up after all kinds of disasters. They were his role models.

The last time I saw him, at his farewell party not quite one full year ago, he told me how unhappy he was with the whole rationale for the bush war. He really, really, really did not believe that we belonged in Iraq. He would have gone to Afghanistan readily, because he believed Osama bin Laden was there and should be tracked down, captured and killed.

He had already been deployed once to Iraq, and felt only pity for the Iraqi people, whose country had been unfairly invaded and trashed. He was truly horrified at the actions taken by our forces under the command of their officers. Since his departure, he had communicated with his parents and his wife via e-mail, and they were very worried about his state of mind, which was much worse than when he left last June.

And now, this 24-year-old young man is dead. He had a whole life ahead of him and it has been stolen from him and from his family.

I am so utterly disgusted and miserably unhappy. For the first time in my whole life, I have come to hate another human being for his arrogance and stupidity and lack of remorse for the misery he is bringing on this nation.....but he has no trouble sleeping at night.

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