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Next GOP Debate to be in the Coliseum

(Our illustration for this post is the hilarious political satire of cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, as he looks at the race for the Republican nomination. Click on the graphic to see the whole cartoon - these are only the first two panels.)


Last week in the GOP debate in South Carolina, the most rousing cheers were heard for those who said they would torture. Well, not quite, because we as 'Americans don't torture' as the candidates were at pains to say, not their pains. They instead would use 'Rummy' 'enhanced interrogation techniques'; not exactly boil them in water... but the idea was there.

Islom Karimov, dictator of Uzbekistan since prior to the break-up of the Soviet Union, was one of our early 'surrogate jailers' in the war on terror and reportedly boiled some of his political prisoners alive; not surprisinly, since he boasted, and not an empty one, that "I am prepared to rip off the heads of 200 people, to sacrifice their lives, in order to save peace and to have calm in the republic." Republicans would be rolling in aisles if one of their favorite sons could communicate or capture the mood of their audience with a sound bite like that.

But now that the Bush administration has apparently climbed down from the 'extraordinary-rendition program' because of unwelcome publicity in allied countries in the war on terror such as Uzbekistan, where there is no independent judiciary, a point not lost on Mitt Romney who feels that Guntanamo's attraction is that it is not on our soil, where there too many lawyers (a code word for too many laws i.e., the writ of habeas corpus). Romney in fact, wants "to double Guantanamo," and he is the moderate Republican.

Incidentally, where and how do we acquire most of these Guantanamo prisoners, a majority who appear to be innnocent of any terrorist charges? The answer appears to be from bounty hunters. Bounty hunting mmmn, that's a definite Republican crowd pleaser as well.

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