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Zogby: Obama Leads All Major Republican Candidates

angus-reid.com story:

Democrat Barack Obama is the top 2008 presidential contender in the United States, according to a poll by Zogby International. At least 46 per cent of respondents would support the Illinois senator in head-to-head contests against four prospective Republican nominees.

Obama holds a three-point edge over Arizona senator John McCain, a six-point lead over former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, and a 17-point advantage over both former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and actor and former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson.

In other contests, both New York senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and former North Carolina senator John Edwards lead Romney and Thompson, but trail Giuliani and McCain. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson is virtually tied with Thompson, leads Romney by three points, and trails Giuliani and McCain.

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

Of the six major candidates: Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Romney, Giuliani and McCain, I think Obama has the least amount of negatives,(some would say experience too) but as over half of the voters say they haven't even heard of Romney for example, it's early.


i predict that it will be a hillary vs thompson fight in 2008.

i really think that obama's lack of experience is going to drag him down. also, as his proposals start to see the light of day, people will start to see that the math just doesn't add up. edwards just doesn't have the gravitas to be taken seriously. and while hillary has huge negatives, she knows the issues, has huge name recognition, and knows how to run a campaign.

on the republican side, thompson is the first "candidate" to really excite the base. mccain is not liked. rudy has too many issues that he has to overcome with the base, and romney is having a hard time connecting (from what i hear in circles). there is definately room for thompson to come in. he is articulate, can speak to the issues, and also has huge name recognition. his downside is an unknown level of campaigning fire.

i'm not willing to predict who will win. too many variables still in play.

Paul Hamilton:

If Thompson *can* speak to the issues, why has he declined to do so thusfar, resorting instead to feel-good political hash instead of substance.

I like Obama myself, but as you said, he's a little inexperienced politically and he's a firebrand. That combination has a way of causing a political explosion somewhere down the road.

As for Hillary, it will be much easier for her to win the nomination than the general election and I hope the folks running the party are aware of this.

It's really amazing to me that I can look at all the major candidates on both sides and NONE of them look electable to me. McCain's anger issues, Rudy's moderate stands on social issues, Romney's flip flops, Thompson's lack of substance, Hillary's sky high negatives and her history of following the polls rather than principles, Obama's lack of political savvy... Both parties are rife for a dark horse to win.

A Zogby poll? Are you kidding?


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