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Abducted German Expert was Heavily Guarded

(And we now know that he or she is British, not German -- see serial Updates below)

Still only one source on this, but Tuesday morning's early news accounts of three Germans abducted from the Ministry of Finance on Palestine Street in Baghdad were later updated, reporting that it was a German computer expert who was abducted, along with three bodyguards.

Nabbed with three bodyguards. Who's safe in Baghdad these days?

No one.
UPDATE I: Reports this morning state that these are British employees of a German company.

UPDATE II: Britain has now confirmed that Five Britons, four bodyguards and their client, a management consultant, were kidnapped.

Gunmen in Iraqi police uniforms kidnapped five Britons -- a management consultant and his four bodyguards -- from a finance ministry building in Baghdad on Tuesday, officials said.

The British government said five British nationals had been kidnapped, while the Canadian security firm Garda World confirmed that the captives were four Britons employed as a security detail and their client.

Looking back at the coverage of the multi-week crisis which unfolded last March with the arrest politically-motivated kidnappings by Iran of 15 British sailors for supposed territorial waters violations, and the possibility that these kidnappers would emulate Iran's headline-grabbing tactics, I still think my idea of a media blackout is an appropriate response.

If this (or any other future incident) escalates, Britain should just call for a voluntary blackout of all media coverage until the hostage situation ends and not let it turn in to another gut-wrenching, headline-grabbing public spectacle.

I say just "turn off their microphone" and not give the enemy an open media channel when these kidnappings occur. Why give the terrorists an assist at tormenting an entire nation of people anguished over the victim's plight?

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