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Thompson Preaches to the Choir

Powerline commentary:

Cutting straight to the money quotes:

First, Thompson exudes the same great presence and ease of manner in person that he does on television. He's likeable and quick with the good one-liner.


Some of his answers were crisp, but others were rambling and a bit unfocused. Moreover, he was better on generalities than on specifics.

Clearly this is going to be an attempt to resurrect Reagan. Our Pal The Gipper could offer up a turd and make you believe it was a fudge brownie, and Thompson is cut from the same cloth. Anyone who demeans him as just another actor had best remember that he's made a very good living out of telling believable fairy tales. If he gets the right support team behind him, he could easily win the nomination.

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Thompson's Orange County "Lincoln" speech was an abomination. Can't wait for this guy to start campaigning. It'll be really obvious once he does exactly why he's been hiding for all of these months.

Once this guys actually declares, and gets out it the mud with the rest of the kids, he'll be toast in short order. The capitulation and moaning from the right that follows that realization will shatter glass.


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