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Thompson Probably, Gore Maybe

Washington Post story:

Law and Order star Fred D. Thompson will make his flirtation with a White House bid official this week, forming a presidential committee and launching a fundraising effort that could culminate in a formal announcement over the July 4th weekend, the former senator's advisers said.

It's not a surprise to anyone as Thompson has been hinting about this for months, but I have to ask this: Why is it that Republicans love to smear Democrats as ruled by the "Hollywood left" and yet they fall over themselves in the most embarassing way for actors-turned-politicians?

And then there's this item from TPM Cafe:

Meanwhile, The Politico reports that Thompson will officially declare his candidacy on July 4, and also announce "that he has already raised several million dollars and is being backed by insiders from the past three Republican administrations." And as for what his actual campaign will be like, his old red pickup truck gimmick that he bought for his 1994 Senate race will be making a comeback.


Crooks and Liars story:

It's the million dollar question that has all the pundits stumped. On "Countdown" tonight, Keith got the former Vice President to issue arguably his most "maybe" answer to date. WaPo's Chris Cillizza helps break it down.

There are good reasons on both sides for Gore to remain coy. On the one hand, if he has already decided against a run, it makes sense to keep the suspicion alive and force your issues to stay at the forefront. On the other hand, he knows he can wait until September/October, bypass most of the petty bickering between now and then, and still retain the capacity to raise tons of money overnight and steal the show .

For Thompson to declare on the fourth of July, probably from the tailgate of a pickup truck would speak volumes about his campaign plans. Clearly it would be all right win touchy-feely with lots of flags but probably not much meaning.

But Gore has no chance. Even less than Hillary.

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Comments (8)

I'll be glad when Mr. Thompson finally is brave enough to emerge from his cave and let America see what he's made of... He has some 'splaining to do as to why he's been such a coward up to now (heh), and been afraid to debate the other candidates.

And I'm beginnig to think that Gore will never actually make the leap. I think he's been waiting for the crowds of bewildered Americans to draft him, and that just isn't happening.


Gore vs Thompson would be a great matchup though.

At a pie eating contest perhaps (heh), but I think Gore's experience in foreign relations would trump Thompson's ability to look into a camera and pretend he's someone else..

Paul Hamilton:

Larkin: I think Gore is yesterday's news. People are ready for a new face, not a return to Clinton. And even those voters for whom that would be a factor are divided between him and Hillary.

And I still am angry that he could have ever allowed Bush to get close enough to steal the election in 2000. He had peace, prosperity and the most popular president in recent history all going for him and still lost. You'll forgive me if I'm not too anxious to give him another shot.

Paul Hamilton:

Matt: It would be a very interesting matchup. Gore would have a complete grasp of all the issues but probably be incapable of putting on a decent campaign. Thompson would probably know very little about the issues but would run a masterful campaign.

Paul Hamilton:

Larkin said:
>>I think Gore is going to get in and I think he'll trump the entire Democratic field.

I don't think he'll run, but I would pay cash money to see a debate between him and Hillary...

Boy, I remember how disappointed I was in Gore's performance in the 2000 Presidential debate with Bush. Not disappointed in him as a candidate, just disappointed in his debate performance. I was amazed that he couldn't defeat the chimp in the red tie.

You may remember the debate I'm thinking of -- Gore spoke of the secure "lockbox" for Medicare and Social Security.


not to spoil your rant, but bush did not steal the election in 2000. several newspaper organizations got together after the fact and determined that if the recount would have been allowed to happen, bush would still have won. just saying.

back in 2000, gore was a horrible candidate. he was too wonkish and always seemed he had a stick up his ass. the fact is that there are huge numbers of people who don't vote the issues. they vote for who they "like". and gore just wasn't very likable. was that enough voters to tip the scales? i don't know. but it was a factor.

i will admit that he's loosened up a lot since then, which will help him on the campaign trail. i still don't think he's electable. or more correctly, i hope that he isn't, because i think he's wrong on too many issues.


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