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Gonzales Impeachment Gaining Steam

A message from Robert Greenwald about the movement to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

We knew people were furious about Gonzales, but the numbers signing the petition (almost 60,000) and watching the video (over 200,000) exceeded all our expectations. It even hit #1 on YouTube. Jim Gilliam, who is ALWAYS accurate on these things, had thought we might have 10,000 people sign after the first couple of days!

So we fast-tracked part 2. The fight is on!

Watch the new video: impeachgonzales.org (or here):

Thank you for signing. You've inspired us to go for 100,000 signers, so our friends at Democracy for America will have a nice round, BIG number to take with them when their grassroots leaders present the petitions in the home districts of every member of Congress.

I am sure each one of you has five or ten people you can send the videos to with a personal note. (please no spamming) People are angry, and they want a way to take action. Send them the videos and petition here: impeachgonzales.org

Nicole at Crooks and Liars: "A strong movement for impeachment can only help get Gonzales out of office. The no confidence votes this week are a step in the right direction but if he doesn't resign before or after the votes (and he seems to be holding on), impeachment will be the only option."

Impeachment proceedings must begin in the House Judiciary Committee, so we put all their phone numbers on the website. Speak to a staffer, explain your concerns, and tell them to watch the video at impeachgonzales.org. Read up on the specifics of impeachment on the website, so you can articulate specifically and firmly. The more calls the better. Then when DFA presents the petitions, they will know of your concerns.

Robert Greenwald
and everyone at Brave New Films

P.S. Democracy for America is taking out newspaper ads in large cities and key districts this week. Check out the print ad.

P.P.S. If you call Rep. Maxine Waters or Rep. Robert Wexler, be sure to tell them they are in the video, and thank them for the tough questions.

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scrapiron[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wow, a whole 60,000 out of 300 million. I think Gonzales is a loser since he refuses to prosecute the traitors that have leaked top secret national secutity data to the enemy and contributed to the death of hundreds of American soldiers, but he did nothing wrong in firing the few worthless attorneys. I'll even accept his impeachment (the not guilty are always convicted by the dhimmi's press dorks) if it carries through so the next president (no matter what party) can not fire anyone hired or appointed by the previous administration. I'll bet the SCOTUS will make this the rule if Gonzales is impeached for 'no crime' other than being a republican.
Hey, I'm only looking out for 'Rove's future' if he wants to work in the white house for the next administration. Sometime you don't want what you ask for, and this is one time the democrat party is setting on a case of dynamite with the fuse burning.
Almost as destructive as running a communist (Shrillary) as their favorite canidiate.


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