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Religious Right Fumes Over "Parents" of Mary Cheney's Baby

Life Site commentary:

Stephen Bennett, a pro-family advocate who left the homosexual lifestyle and now has a ministry to convince others of its dangers, expressed his concern about the White House's decision to caption the photo this way. "What is extremely troubling is the official White House caption that appears underneath the photo on the official White House website," said Bennett.

Rather than merely stating that the child is the "child of their daughter Mary Cheney," the White House photo caption states, "... His parents are the Cheney's daughter Mary, and her partner, Heather Poe."

"Since when have two homosexual women been able to naturally procreate?," commented Bennett. "Fact is Mary Cheney, the Vice President's daughter - in one way or another - received a male's sperm. She is the biological mother, parent number one, and some man, somewhere out there, is Samuel David's real biological father, parent number two."

A sperm donor is not a parent. A parent is someone who lovingly raises a child as their own whether they are biologically responsible or not. I guess these same right wingers would insult adoptive or step parents as well.

It's a shame that some people are so obsessed with the plumbing that they cannot recognize a family when they see one.

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Comments (10)

Bennett is as un-American as they come. Would he be making the "biological" distinction if this was a male-female couple who adopted? Would he be offended if the couple were called "parents" then? Of course not.

And where is Veep Cheney, Mary's father -- and why isn't he standing up to Bennett and standing up for his daughter and her chosen partner -- and his grandson!

Dick Cheney is silent, because Dick Cheney is a spineless, lying sack of crap. He's pathetic for letting the religious right walk all over his daughter this way, absolutely pathetic.

No doubt the embarrassment felt by the right is huge, and has the right wing blogging community eager to pretend it isn't happening. Here's the Vice-President of the United States practicing hypocrisy on a grand scale.

How can a "family-values" national leader turn his back on his own daughter, grandchild, and co-parent? Easy -- he's an ass.

(and please refrain from the profanity, Jay - thanks)

Lee Ward:

"how is Cheney turning his back on his daughter and grandchild?"

By not defending his family from the attacks and slurs of scum like Bennett. Are you a parent? Any decent parent would stand up to Bennett and defend his family, but Cheney is a spineless political hack, more interested in power than in his daughter and grandson's lives...

Fast Forward 20 years from now, and imagine yourself in the position of Cheney's grandson, Samuel. Here's your grandfather standing by silently why scum like Bennett smears his parents.

If you aren't disgusted by this I question your humanity....

Paul Hamilton:

So, Jay, the next time you complain about some outrageous remark from a left wing site, will you acknowledge that all you're doing is giving them free publicity?

Paul Hamilton:

Hoggs, I don't remember the details, but last year there was some event to which Mary was invited but her partner was not.

That's the sort of failure to acknowledge the relationship that's so troubling. And even more so now that they're raising a child. It's difficult enough without people actively trying to tear the family apart.

Paul Hamilton:

Jay said:
>>That being said, why the frack can't people leave Mary Cheney the fark alone?

Mary Cheney is a public figure not only because she is the VP's daughter, but because she's an advocate for several groups. I'm with you that going after the kids of politicians just because of their relationship is evil -- and I hope you're equally offended by Rush "White House Dog" Limbaugh as you are about this. More so, in fact, since Chelsea was just a child.


Mary Cheney is an adult living a lifestyle that is diametrically opposed by the most important sector of the Republican base, so she and her same-sex partner are publically marginalized. Just another example of the continuing slow motion fracturing of the Republican Party, and more proof that Grandpa Dick is a soulless piece of excrement, as he puts party and politics above family by silently accepting this type of ridiculous criticism.

Lee Ward:

Thanks for sharing your "family values", DH. If you don't see the difference, there is really nothing I can say that will help you.


Awwww teabag...you can't ban comments or ban posters like you do when they tear your posts to shreds. Poor baby.

Anyone who thinks that dick is happy that his daughter is a lesbian with a child is out of their mind. That would go a long way to explaining his lack of defending his daughter. After all how do you defend something that you believe is wrong? I think even dick has limits on his hypocrisy.

Paul Hamilton:

Thanks for your integrity regarding the Limbaugh thing, Jay. The aspect of it that bothered me the most was that he claimed it was an accident, but the truth is that his show was taped and shown later. If it had really been a mistake, they'd have fixed it. But he lacked the decency to even own up to his vile little "joke."


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