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Bush Will Meet With Putin To Slow New Cold War

With relations clearly worsening between the U.S. and Putin's Russian government, Bush will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Maine July 1st and 2nd. But whether this will slow the steady movement towards a new Cold War certainly remains to be seen.

Russia has made recent dramatic technological advancements towards new weapons systems including the R500 which has the claimed capability to destroy any U.S. missile system. The R24 is new intercontinental ballistic missiles system just tested only days ago. In addition, tests of the new Iskander missile system was tested on May 29. By the end of 2007, Russia will add the the Bulava strategic missile system as well. There are also plans for a new generation of strategic bombers as well as the recent development of a new hypersonic cruise missile able to outfly current U.S. antimissile systems due to it's terrific speed.

One of the worst aspects of this new arms race on the part of Putin's Russia is the willingness to share some of this new technology with other nations such as Iran. In a new $700 million dollar arms deal with Iran, the Tehran government will purchase 29 TOR M1 anticruise missile defense systems which can also be used to shoot down U.S. aircraft in the event of a conflict with Iran over their nuclear program. These new weapons systems feature advanced computer electronics similar to the U.S. Patriot missile systems in tracking ability.

One of the great dangers of the new Russian weapons is their mobile design, that makes tracking far more difficult compared to many U.S. missiles in well-known fixed silos or positions. The U.S. weapons are far easier for the Russian military to track than the other way around. The Russian ability to quickly launch against American missiles in their silos compares with contradictory Russian military assessments that a first strike by the U.S. could knock out their weapons on one hand, and another report that claims the ability to counter U.S. forces until 2020. Which Russian military intelligence report is right is not known.

Whether this Bush meeting can slow this steady march towards a Cold War will be another important test of the largely failed Bush foreign policy. But this new Cold War represents one of the most serious foreign policy problems so far for the Bush Administration, and certainly one of the the most dangerous problems as well because of the massive amount of destructive power involved.

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Before posting all of those glowing Pravda stories about those hot new Russian missile systems, you might want to go to some real sources, like globalsecurity.org, and find out what they can really do (comparing them to long-existing US systems), and note how long they've been in development.

For example, that "new" system they claim was tested in response to the US ABM installation in Poland? Been in development since 1997.

They also say they can hit our ABM systems. Well, why? Any war in which they'd need to do so would include so many incoming ICBMs, firing off a few ABMs would be pissing in the wind.

And those really cool Tor systems? Not really good against our stealth aircraft. Their detection range is just long enough to see the incoming bombs and cruise missiles, and the F-117 and F-22 would pop up on radar about the time they hit (and before they could possibly launch).

The only really interesting thing is that they admit that a bunch of the long-existing SAM systems they built in the 1980s and 1990s were really ABM systems, outside of the ABM Treaty (the one so many leftists bitched about when Bush bailed out of it).

So, for those of you keeping score, instead of the mere 100 launchers in the Moscow-based ABM system, there are more like 200 to 500, scattered all over Russia.

Versus the 10 in Alaska and the potential 10 more in Poland.

Cirby, my point in the feature should be clear. This new arms race is a dangerous new problem for both the U.S. and Russia which have mutual trade, mutual space explorations, and no real logical reason to fear or mistrust each other to this extreme extent.

Whichever weapons system is the best is not really at issue here when relations between the two countries have collapsed down to a level of this dangerous new arms race and both countries have the power to kill millions for no real good reason.

This new arms race is both completely unjustified and entirely dangerous. Mr. Putin and Mr. Bush may have some serious political problems with the leadership of the other, but this should not translate into a dangerous extension into a new global arms race.

The people of the U.S. and Russia are both generally good people. Both countries deserve for their political leaders to act responsively to protect their safety, and not to endanger it with this needless new arms race.


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