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Democrats Outpoll Republicans on all Major Issues

Pollster Rasmussen is reporting that Democrats are out-polling the Republicans on all major issues:

Democrats are currently trusted more than Republicans on all ten issues measured in Rasmussen Reports tracking surveys. Democrats even have slight advantages on National Security and Taxes, two issues "owned" by Republicans during the generation since Ronald Reagan took office.

Traditional Republican strength on national security and taxes has disintegrated:

On National Security, 46% now trust Democrats more while 43% prefer the GOP. On taxes, the Democrats have a five point advantage, 47% to 42%.

While the Democrats enjoy huge leads everywhere else:

Democrats enjoy double digit advantages on ethics and government corruption, the War in Iraq, Immigration, Education, Social Security, and Healthcare.

But the best news is that the Democrats are leading Republicans on the generic congressional ballot preference by 11 percentage points, 47-36.

All of this augurs well for the Democrats retaining control of Congress in 2008. The numbers of national security demonstrate that the Republicans have paid a huge political price for Bush's misadventure in Iraq. What still surprises me is that the numbers are not even greater than they are in favor of the Democrats on that issue.

Of course, there's still 18 months before the 2008 elections so there's time to widen that gap.

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