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Rangel: Bush Will Declare Victory, Bring Troops Home

Ft. Wayne Sentinel story:

President Bush will declare victory in Iraq and begin scaling back troop levels in the coming months because Republican lawmakers will repudiate him if he doesn't, Rep. Charles Rangel said Thursday.

"The president knows it's over," Rangel declared in an interview with the New York Daily News Editorial Board. "The Republicans know it's over."

"I think the president's going to come up with some compromise, and he's not going to admit failure. He'll probably say we've won, but it's going to happen . . . and I don't know how many soldiers die while it's happening."

"Republicans are going to make it happen - no, Americans are going to make it happen," he said.

I can't wait to see what standard he uses to declare victory...

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

Larkin, this is why Bush is determined that the next president share "America's destiny in Iraq"...I can't see him starting a withdrawl, unless he is forced by Congress to do it..It's more likely he will press for a renewed or secound surge, despite what the lawmakers of both parties wish.

Lee Ward:

I'm semi-convinced that if Bush doesn't back down this September the Republicans in Congress will vote him down - they're looking after their paychecks here, and they will vote to get out of Iraq if that's what the electorate wants.

Republicans WILL cut and run in a flash if their damn jobs are on the line.

Paul Hamilton:

I read yesterday that if there isn't meaningful improvement in Iraq by September, up to 25 Republicans might vote for a timetable the next time the idea comes up. They had loyalty to the party last time, but after that, it's every man for himself...

Steve Crickmore:

Let's remember that to the Iraqis on the ground, any partial withdrawal just as in Vietnam will mean an increase in air power (unless the the commitment to withdraw is a total one). Bush hasn't extracted his pound of flesh by a long shot.


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