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Differences Between Republican Candidates Emerging

Just when you thought the Republican field of 10 (11?) was starting to get crowded, clear differences between the front leaders in the campaign for presidency have begun to emerge.

McCain later headed to the Blue Bunny ice cream shop -- a signature of Le Mars, which proudly calls itself the ice cream capital of the world.

It was where one of his GOP rivals, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, stopped this past week. Both Romney and McCain ordered chocolate shakes during their visit. McCain's had whipped cream and a cherry on top; Romney's did not.

Since Fred Thompson is cancerous there is no doubt that the health of the candidates will become at issue at some point. Based on Romney's preference to avoid the whipped cream and cherry, any day now we're likely to hear that Fox News is now projecting that Romney will take the nomination...

In other words, could the campaign so far be any more boring and mundane?

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