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Fred Thompson's Poor Work Ethic Will Likely Doom His Campaign

LAW & ORDER incidental actor and former U.S. Senator, Fred Thompson's biggest problem is that he simply won't do the work required to win the presidency. Like so many other non-serious candidates for president who are flawed for some reason, Thompson's shortcomings are that he'll only do the minimum of work required in a presidential run and will likely leave his true believers feeling shortchanged in the end.

So far only Mitt Romney among the Republicans is moving up in the polls as his entire family tradition is based on hard work. His father for example not only became the CEO of American Motors, but then became Governor of Michigan as well. Romney has all of that same work ethic as well as presidential looks. But the Thompson bid for the presidency is likely to soon fizzle with weak debate performances and other examples of a lazy attitude towards a presidential run. A recent weak speech performance, and juvenile website fights with filmmaker Michael Moore, only too well illustrate how little is really there with Thompson.

On the Democratic side, a similar phenomenon is happening. Only Hillary Clinton has proven the work ethic to give what it takes to win the nomination despite huge voter doubts in her own party as well as in the larger pool of voters as well.

Senator Barack Obama was seen as the second coming of Bobby Kennedy, or some similiar phenomenon, until his weak debate performance in which his freshman senator lack of experience as well as poor debate preparation began to set him back in the polls recently, with this weak debate performance taking some luster off his shining image as the next big thing in Democratic Party politics.

In the grand scheme of things, it would appear that basing success on who wants it more and is willing to put in that effort would favor both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Neither is the favorite of many voters right now. But these two are willing to do what it takes to cultivate and moltivate a core of primary voters that could in the end mean all the difference.

Thompson's only real hope is that his supporters will do all the heavy lifting. But a premise that an actor on LAW & ORDER should be president is as bad as the premise that George Bush 1 was president so maybe his son should be as well. Look where that premise got us.

One thing that might be assumed by many voters is that anyone willing to make an all out effort to win the office will probably at least put in a good effort if elected. And the opposite is probably also true for anyone who does not really put up a first rate effort. That doesn't bode well for Fred Thompson.

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Paul Hamilton:

If it's Hillary v. Mitt, I will just about guarantee you there will be a strong third-party run by someone.

If that's the case please let me know where to send my check to support the third-party candidate


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