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Welcome to L.A.

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civil behavior:

Someone tell me that was just a joke and that mother and daughter put that on....Pleeze...

I don't think its staged -- looks real to me. I've never lived in LA but I showed this a friend who grew up there and still goes back to visit relatives, and they confirmed that this is definitely representive of the LA mentality... and they think its genuine.

Here's the description off the iFilm web page.

In the spirit of Lindsay Lohan Week here on the blog, let us take a closer look at the Dina Lohans of the world, the madmen and women who actually created these party monsters: Hollywood Parents. Luckily, E!'s new show Sunset Tan has given us a PERFECT specimen in this must-see video segment, which is just about the most horrifying and depressing indicment of our culture as I've ever seen. In fact, there is so much just completely wrong with this clip that we've included video footnotes that correspond to our "help us understand this" list below. Someday, historians are going to look back at this clip and regard it as the definitive explanation of the downfall of Western Civilization.

So this is a clip from the E! cable-TV channels' six-part TV series "Sunset Tan."


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