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NY: No al-Qaeda Tie Except Hate

JFK Suspects Had No al-Qaeda Ties, `Same Hatred,' Official Says

Four men charged with plotting to bomb fuel tanks and a pipeline at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport had no direct ties to al-Qaeda though they had the "same hatred'' that motivates the terrorist group, the city's police commissioner said.

The men were searching for money and explosives when the plot was foiled, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said today on CBS's "Face the Nation,'' a day after authorities disclosed the alleged conspiracy. The men made several trips to Guyana, where "clearly, there were explosives available,'' Kelly said.

"While people will say it wasn't operational, they had
done up to four surveillances,'' FBI spokesman John Miller said on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos.'' He added, "They were searching for funding and explosives, so on that level it was certainly operational."

The four men, including a retired cargo employee and a
former member of Guyana's parliament, were charged with conspiring to attack the airport with explosives. Three were arrested and one was being sought. The men had ties to the radical group Jamaat Al Muslimeen, which was responsible for a deadly 1990 coup attempt in Trinidad, officials said yesterday.

Though the men had no direct connection to Osama bin
Laden's al-Qaeda organization, "It's a movement,'' Kelly said. "It's a philosophy. And they're motivated by the same hatred that motivates al-Qaeda.'' [...]

Hatched in 2006

The JFK airport plot was hatched in January 2006 in New York and was broken up with the aid of an informant while still in the planning stages, Mark Mershon, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's New York office, said yesterday.

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No known direct AQ ties, but there were direct ties to Sudan and Libya, and it's been well-known for years that Jamaat Al Muslimeen was seeking funds and support from many radical Muslim groups - and would certainly not have turns down AQ money. Whici is a good sign, since it shows that AQ is having to keep their heads down, and are too busy trying to stay in one piece in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thaks for pointing out that the "fight them over there instead of over here" strategy is working.

Except the guys arrested in New York aren't affiiated in any way whatsoever with the "guys over there" -- which proves fighting the "guys over there" has absolutely no correlation with security at home.

They share a hatred, yes, and they would accept money from anyone who would fund them - but the Police Commissioner has made it clear that they have no ties with al-Qaeda - and unless you are suggesting that it's the plan of the US to neutralize every party in the world who hates America, your argument is specious.

Paul Hamilton:

Cirby, everything I've read about this indicates that these folks had an idea, but not a plan. And they certainly hadn't done anything to put their ideas into effect, so it comes across to me as just another in a series of "plots" that consist of a bunch of posers and wannabes.

However, I do agree that our biggest success against AQ is our shutdown of their funding. That happened very early on and clearly has had a large role in cutting off their ability to plan and execute any large-scale operations.

And no, "fighting them there," hasn't had anything to do with it.

Our national security has been neglected for the last six years, and there is a lot of catching up we need to do. If the damn conservatives would stop blocking the Immigration bill we could take an important step in that direction -- but they are so focused on the votes they think they'll lose their "concern" over border security has evaporated.


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