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June 3 Democratic Debate Roundup - Part 4

Chris Dodd's team clocked the amount of talk time each candidate received in last night's debate, and created this graphic.


Given the amount of time he had (or didn't have) to get his points across, Biden did extremely well.

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Comments (2)

scrapiron[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Member of the most honest and ethical congress in history indicted on 16 criminal charges including corruption. Faces over 200 year sentence if convicted by the 'film' his crimes are on. Someone send Pigloooshi a new broom, she's missing the dirt in her effort to sweep corruption from the deemocrats in congress. Maybe they refuse to raise their feet and she sweeps around them.


That's not really relevant to the thread, scrapiron.

Time spent talking is seldom a useful metric, even historically. That said, it is funny to see that the three candidates with the least to say spent the most time doing so.


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