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Putin Threatens to Target Europe

MSNBC story:

"If the American nuclear potential grows in European territory, we have to give ourselves new targets in Europe," Putin said, according to Corriere. "It is up to our military to define these targets, in addition to defining the choice between ballistic and cruise missiles."

Russia has not overtly targeted Europe since agreeing after the fall of the Soviet Union not to direct missiles against specific countries, according to Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent military analyst based in Moscow. He added however, that that was simple technical matter, since a missile can be given a target within minutes.

I guess you can't trigger Armageddon unless you get Gog and Magog involved...

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Comments (4)


"If the American nuclear potential grows in European territory,"

...yet his big complaint is that we're putting a system in place that DOESN'T use nuclear weapons, but instead is designed to stop them.

You know, like the 100+ missiles in the Moscow ABM system, and the hundreds more spread all over Russian territory.

Paul Hamilton:

It still tips the strategic balance if his weapons are rendered useless. Too bad Bush has thrown his credibility away -- that will make negotiations on this issue even more difficult.

Spot on, Paul. It's simply not possible for conservative Republicans to understand Putin's position, and therefore they see it is invalid.

And why would Putin choose to believe Bush at this point? And I suspect Bush doesn't give a damn that Putin doesn't trust him anymore, anyway.

Republicans seem to view the world as consisting of "us" and "everyone else". Those American conservatives who attain power, whether in government, business, or the church, tend to be so self-centered -- empathy is simply not in their intellectual vocabulary. When they see someone who is different from them those individuals appear as either less fortunate -- and worthy of pity (or disdain) -- or those different constitute a threat.

Matters that they "don't understand" becomes "dangerous" -- simply because they can't appreciate a viewpoint that differs from theirs (even in those rare instances that they do understand it).

Any minute now Fred Thompson is going to hold a press conference to tell us Satan lives in a 3 bedroom walk-up in Moscow, and he's hiding WMDs under this kitchen sink.

The rest of the world has, or is rapidly, moving past this egocentric view of life on earth, and soon the American electorate is going to take the last remaining Republicans out of their position in power in our Federal Government.

$20 says that within 10 years the South will rise again.


It still tips the strategic balance if his weapons are rendered useless.

Considering it would take several THOUSAND ABM interceptors in Europe to "make his weapons useless," and we're planning on putting in TEN, you got some 'splainin' to do, Lucy...

No, a small (or medium, or large) ABM system is not going to upset the balance, it's not going to "make them useless," it's not going to do anything except put one line of defense in against possible Iranian launches - or far a very narrow possibility of one or two Russian ICBMs that are in a small range of trajectories, and would have been launched by accident.

In other words, not destabilizing OR a threat.

Except to Putin's ego (since he has the world's largest ABM system sitting all around his capital city, he has to get pissy when someone else builds even a small one).


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