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Bush Says Trust Me, Russia Laughs in Response

AP_Czech_Rep_Bush_Vaclav_Klaus_210.jpgThe world is teetering on the brink of another devastating arms race, brought about by the destabilizing, unilateral, "ignore the UN" attitude of the current crop of clowns in the White House, and poor George W. Bush just doesn't know what to do. This should surprise no one.

The man who single-handidly brought North Korea to the point of lobbing homemade nuclear bottle-rockets towards Japan -- the man who pushed Iran into building their own nuclear fireworks stand -- the man who ignored the UN and world opinion and justified the ouster of Saddam Hussein from Iran with a veil of lies and deceit, just doesn't understand why world leaders like Putin don't trust him.

Here he is again, trying to mend fences with Russia.

President Bush says U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Europe pose no threat to Russia. Russia's president says it is the start of a new arms race. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports from Prague, where President Bush met with Czech leaders to discuss the missile defense plan.

"Russia is not our enemy. The enemy of free societies such as ours would be radicals or extremists or a rogue regime trying to blackmail the free world in order to promote its ideological objectives," he said. "My attitude on missile defense - not my attitude this is the truth - it is a purely defensive measure aimed not at Russia but at true threats."

Why on earth won't Putin just take George's word for it...?

Related: Putin says Russia Will Retaliate if US Puts Rocket Base in Europe.

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Comments (6)


The man who single-handidly brought North Korea to the point of lobbing homemade nuclear bottle-rockets towards Japan -- the man who pushed Iran into building their own nuclear fireworks stand

There's a difference between conventional liberalism, BDS, stretching the truth, and finally plain ignorance. This is pretty clearly the latter.

Please, Lee, at least show the intellect and intellectual self-consistency represented by the dogs from the other thread. Iran's nuclear program has components dating back to the 50s, and the modern, post-revolutionary program has been in progress since 1992. As for Korea, they had a fairly functional program for plutonium enrichment in '89. As for lobbing missiles over Japan, does the date August 31st, 1998 ring any bells?

Jesus, it really doesn't help your argument when you make yourself look like a fool.

"Iran's nuclear program has components dating back to the 50s" and "As for Korea, they had a fairly functional program for plutonium enrichment in '89" -- and both of these bad actors greatly accelerated their programs once Bush the Bozo named them part of the "axis of evil" - a cute, campaign-like slogan written to inspire insipid conservatives (sorry) to rise up in support of Bush's unilateral approach to world politics.

Appointing Bolton to the UN post, over the objection of the Democrats, clearly signaled Bush's "I don't give a f*ck what anyone else thinks" attitude. At that point Bush signaled to all that he was rogue actor. Of course Iran and NoKo responded, only an idiot would assume they wouldn't -- and that reaction is precisely what the Bush doctrine was seeking.

Seeing Bush's disdain and disregard for the past US policy of working peacefully through the UN to resolve world differences, North Korea and Iran have acted accordingly to secure their own borders, in defense of Bush's arrogance.

Subsequently Bush was quietly informed (in the 2006 election) that America doesn't want to play that way, and he's been backpedaling on international relations ever since.

Your knowledge of past history is fine, but you need to get a little more current here pal. Bush and Bush alone has destabilized relations with Russia, and pushed NoKo and Iran into defensive positions. The fact that conservatives like yourself cheered him on, and now aren't willing to accept responsibility for the consequences, shows a total lack of integrity on your part. At least you haven't blamed it on Clinton yet -- oh wait -- yes you did...

[Insert surprised smilie here]

and please -- quit playing the "it isn't our fault" Giuliani cards -- that's just plain stupidity talking.

Lee Ward:

And there is no current basis for Russia to trust that once these bases are established, more sophisticated systems will be installed that will present a much greater threat. It's all a matter of trust, and Bush pissed that away.

Intentionally and deliberately pissed it away, cheered on by conservatives who now are scrambling to blame anyone but themselves.

Steve Crickmore:

Bush: "Vladimir -- I call him Vladimir -- that you shouldn't fear a missile defence system. As a matter of fact why don't you cooperate with us'"
Putin, I call him a former KGB head, is not going to be taken in by Bush, as Bush has been by Putin.."I looked into his eyes and saw his soul".
I don't underestimate the danger of Putin. With his enforcement of a hit list on Russian enemies abroad and dissenting journalists at home. it will be interesting, if Bush decides to take another look into Putin's soul at the G8 summit.


I'm sure all the right-wingers would have no problem with Russia installing an anti-missile defense system in Cuba right?

Why not? The only thing it would protect against would be US nuclear weapons aimed at Cuba, and only about one ICBM's worth, at that. It wouldn't do a damned thing versus (for example) US missiles aimed at Russia. It also wouldn't help with a conventional attack versus Cuba. You know, like the Poland-based system we want to build.

You see, ABM systems are DEFENSIVE systems, and are fairly limited in range and scope (except, of course, for the Russian system, which is several times larger than even the most optimistically-scaled US system, and which certainly has interceptors along the Iran-Russia and Korea-Russia trajectories).

But you knkew that already, which once again shows how dishonest you are (or how short your memory is, since I told you all of this last week).

Lee Ward:

Putin's apparent concern is that once established, the US could use the missile bases for offensive moves against Russia.

It is still a matter of trust, and lack of same, no matter which way you spin it, cirby.


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